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Diddy Doubles Down On His Call For “Love” With His Latest Message To Fans

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Last week, Diddy’s continued social media use was called into question by many fans. The rap mogul is in the middle of months of increasingly pressing legal trauma. It began last year with a lawsuit filed by Cassie alleging abusive behavior. Though it was quickly settled, that set the tone for the months since. He’s faced numerous new lawsuits since then including one particularly viral filing by producer Lil Rod. More treacherously though, two of his properties were raided by the federal government as part of an ongoing investigation into alleged sex trafficking.

Throughout all of it, he’s occasionally posted to Instagram basically as if nothing else is going on. Sometimes that’s promoting something he’s working on and other times its simply a life update. Last week he shared a video that seemed to ask fans why they were hating on him and imploring them to spread more love. That seems to be the theme at the core of his newest post as well. It’s a minimal affair with a caption that simply reads “LOVE” with a few emojis. The picture itself is simply plain black text that reads “time tells truth.” The message seems to be an attempt on the rap mogul’s part to claim that he’s innocent and that the truth about the allegations surrounding him will be revealed in time. Check out the newest post he made below.

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Diddy Claims That Time Will Tell The Truth

Surprisingly Diddy kept his comments on for his newest Instagram post and fans reacted exactly how you’d expect them to. “You’re definitely gonna serve some time I can tell you that” one of the top comments on the post jokes. “yeah that’s why you in trouble now” another fan agrees.

What do you think of Diddy’s newest Instagram post seemingly proclaiming his innocence in the face of allegations of decades of bad behavior? Do you think he should take a step back from Instagram until all of his legal matters are sorted out? Let us know in the comment section below.

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