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DJ Akademiks Claims Meek Mill Called the Police to Ak’s House

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DJ Akademiks claims Meek Mill called police to Ak’s house while he is in the middle of a livestream.

Police Show Up to DJ Akademiks’ Door During Livestream?

On Friday (March 1), Ak went on livestream to continue calling out Meek Mill, following their  back-and-forth on X, formerly known as Twitter. During the livestream shared on his YouTube channel, Ak claimed the police were at his door and blamed Meek for calling them.

“I think this b***h-a*s n***a Meek Mill done sent the cops to my house,” Ak says around the 52:20 mark of the video below. “I don’t know if you hear my dogs, the police is outside my house now. You see, that’s what I’m telling you about a n***a like Meek, bruh. If he was really ’bout to do nothing, he would have never tweeted it, bruh. He got the police outside my f**king house.”

“This n***a is just a h*e,” Ak continues. “This n***a got police at my house now.  You over here tweeting you want my address, of course police is coming to my house. What the f**k is you doing?”

Ak then leaves the room and returns a few minutes later, fuming.

“If Meek Mill didn’t snitch on me, I swear I’m done with rap,” he tells viewers before showing them doorbell camera footage of police cars. “All that gangsta s**t n***as is talking, sent police to my crib.”

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Meek Mill and DJ Akademiks Trade Shots

Meek Mill and Akademiks’ spat began on Wednesday (Feb. 28), when Ak questioned why Meek had been silent about the speculation that he is the rapper mentioned in the latest lawsuit against Diddy. Meek Mill’s name is not mentioned in the lawsuit, which was filed by producer Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones on Monday (Feb. 26). However, Lil Rod claims Diddy told him he had sex with a rapper who is described as “a Philadelphia rapper who dated Nicki Minaj.” Jones also claims to have seen said rapper “consorting with underage girls” with Diddy.

Meek and Ak traded shots on X, with Meek sharing the since-deleted tweet, “Get me has addy ima shoot a full production video in front of his house. lol Seriously, get me that one in [New Jersey].”

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See video of DJ Akademiks alleging Meek Mill called the police to Ak’s house following their social media beef below.

Watch DJ Akademiks Call Out Meek Mill for Allegedly Sending Police to Ak’s House

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