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Drake Producer 40 & Cipha Sounds Exchange Allegedly A Mistake

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Drake’s producer Noah “40” Shebib and DJ Cipha Sounds recently had a misunderstanding with each other that spilled over to the internet and social media. But the situation was apparently misconstrued.

In a post he shared to his personal Instagram account on Friday (May 31), Cipha Sounds explained that the rumor circulating about 40 threatening him because he played Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us” in Toronto were simply not true.

In the two-plus minute long video, Cipha Sounds explains how the entire situation came about, saying he just completed a stint of shows recently with comedian Dave Chappelle in Drake and 40’s hometown.

Cipha Sounds alleges the misunderstanding arose after photos from the shows were shared to his Instagram account by his newly hired social media manager, who thought it would be funny to add Kendrick’s anthemic diss targeting Drake as the background song.

“This kid that’s now helping me with my social media — brand new, just hired him — put up the pictures from that show and put the Kendrick Lamar song underneath,” Cipha Sounds said in part. “And I was like, ‘Uh oh, woah, don’t do that. Craziness.’ Called him, said, ‘Hey, thats a dumb dumb move. Take it down.’ He was like, ‘I thought it would be funny.’ It wasn’t. ‘Take it down.’ [He] took it down immediately. Pictures are back up. Had a great time in Toronto.”

In another portion of the video, Cipha Sounds revealed his true thoughts on the situation as a whole, concerning Drake and Kendrick Lamar’s beef.

“People that know me know I’m not no f##k face idiot that would go to Toronto and play ‘Not Like Us,’” he said. “That is a stupid thing to do. I hate all this beef s###. I hate controversy, I hate smoke, I hate drama. I hate that those two are beefing with each other. It’s nasty for the culture, it’s negative and it’s detrimental.”

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Even though Cipha Sounds managed to get the post taken down and re-shared, the damage was reportedly done and prompted 40 to direct message Cipha Sounds, lashing out at him for promoting a song that categorizes Drake as a sexual predator.

“How about I go to your city and play a song where someone calls you a pedophile,” 40 allegedly told the DJ. “It’s on sight, when I see you, I’m gonna smack you in the mouth.” 

The video explained that he attempted to diffuse the situation with 40 but is unsure if his efforts prevailed.

“40 was mad at me,” he said. “I’m hoping that, man to man, we can still have this conversation. I told this story on my podcast because I was hurt about what happened. Hopefully we can talk it out. I want no smoke. I want no drama. Love the guy. I’m a big fan.

“Again, I would never be disrespectful and I did not play the song in Toronto. I wasn’t even DJing. I was doing stand-up comedy.”

Check out the full video above along with the vlog on the situation below.

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