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Dwayne Johnson Owns Rights To His Popular WWE Catchphrases

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Source: Sean Gardner / Getty / Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson is not playing checkers; he’s playing chess, thanks to his deal with TKO Holdings.

When The Rock asks the millions and MILLIONS of fans around the globe if “they smell what the rock is cooking?” or uses some of his other iconic catchphrases and nicknames, he can do so knowing he owns the intellectual rights to them.

Spotted on Variety, Dwayne Johnson gained the rights to a plethora of nicknames, insults, and catchphrases he famously used during his wrestling career, like “Candy Ass” and “Jabroni.”

Per Variety:

As announced last month, Johnson has the rights to his famous ring name, “The Rock.” In its 10-K filing Feb. 27 with the SEC, TKO revealed two dozen additional names and taglines — previously the property of WWE — that are now in Johnson’s control.

Here’s the full list: “The Rock,” “Rocky Maivia,” “Team Corporate,” “Rock Nation,” “The Nation,” “Roody Poo,” “Candy Ass,” “Jabroni,” “If you smell what The Rock is cooking,” “The Samoan Sensation,” “The Blue Chipper,” “The Brahma Bull,” “The People’s Champion,” “The Great One,” “Know Your Role and Shut Your Mouth,” “Team Bring It,” “The Rock Just Bring It,” “The People’s Elbow,” “Rock Bottom,” “Finally, The Rock has come back to…,” “It doesn’t matter what…,” “Blue Hell,” “The millions… (and millions),” “Rockpocalypse,” “Project Rock” and “The most electrifying man in sports and entertainment.”

As part of his agreement with TKO, the parent company of the Vince McMahon-less WWE, he now also owns the rights to “all other nicknames, caricatures, voice, signature, gestures, routines, costumes or parts of costumes, accessories [and] crowns,” used during his beloved wrestling career.

The Rock laid the smackdown with this agreement.

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