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Eminem Reveals Album Art & Track List for Latest LP, ‘The Death of Slim Shady’

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UPDATE: The track list, without features, has also been revealed. Check it out below.

1. ‘Renaissance’
2. ‘Habits’
3. ‘Trouble’
4. ‘Brand New Dance’
5. ‘Evil’
6. ‘All You Got (skit)’
7. ‘Lucifer’
8. ‘Antichrist’
9. ‘Fuel’
10. ‘Road Rage’
11. ‘Houdini’
12. ‘Breaking News (skit)’
13. ‘Guilty Conscience 2’
14. ‘Head Honcho’
15. ‘Temporary’
16. ‘Bad One’
17. ‘Tobey’
18. ‘Guess Who’s Back (skit)’
19. ‘Somebody Save Me’
20. ‘Houdini’

Previous story:

Eminem, the controversial Detroit legend took it back to his roots with the latest music video ‘Tobey‘ and has followed up strong with a Slim Shady throwback on the newly revealed cover for ‘The Death of Slim Shady‘. The cover features what looks like a young Slim Shady, just as you remember him, peeping horrified from a bodybag.

“The legend of the Angry Blonde lives on”, Eminem rapped on ‘Guts Over Fear’, and if you’ve been around for that era, you have your hopes pinned on what is projected by many to be a classic release. For another set of fans, however, the juxtaposition of a young Eminem’s sensibilities with that of his present age as an industry veteran is just too much. The artwork seems to take a stab at sentiments like these, and are overtly pop and HDRish to express the dash of crazy genius Eminem has proved to be on many occasions.

The only time Eminem has been held captive like this, has perhaps been at the mercy of Stan’s brother, who narrated a tale of kidnapping Eminem on ‘Bad Guy‘ from MMLP2. Considering the last music video also featured the MMLP2 throwback, chances are there could be a further exploration of that arc. Would be great if it happens, let’s stay tuned to find out.


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