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French Montana Called A Hypocrite After Criticizing Current Rappers

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French Montana is being dragged online for deeming modern Hip Hop inauthentic, upsetting many due to his own track record.

On Friday (February 23), the same day his Mac & Cheese 5 mixtape was released, the 39-year-old joined Clue Radio for an interview and discussed the current state of the industry.

“Those Spotify numbers — when everybody put them shits up — is almost like you hustlin’ on the block,” he said. “They got all of us chasing that and not even knowing that we just showing stats that don’t even belong to us, that belong to the label. We all brainwashed [into competing for] who’s going to have the biggest numbers — it’s taking the love out of music. People aren’t making music that they love no more.”

Soon after, The Hip Hop Wolf re-shared a clip of him making the comments, after which fans and followers pointed out the hypocrisy in it considering the New York City native has previously been accused of paying for counterfeit streaming numbers.

“Says the guy who accused of using bots to his streams,” one person wrote under the post, while another added: “He is preaching but he is the WORST absolute person to be talkin bout this, bro whole career was making trash commercial music with any features he could to chase those numbers hahaha.”

On the subject of the “Unforgettable” rapper packaging his latest album into 126 cuts, an Instagram user added: “So he released 5 versions of his album for the…love?”

Last week, the Moroccan-American MC released an extended edition of his latest effort featuring six versions of each song: explicit, sped up, slowed down, instrumental, acapella and clean.

Speaking to TMZ, he ensured fans that his decision to do so was “simple science.” He also revealed that he was inspired by Taylor Swift, whose music enjoyed a boom in sales after she recreated her old work.

In other news, French Montana recently revealed that he halted his plans to “buy the block” when Nipsey Hussle was murdered.

“I feel like watching that video with Nip was one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen in my life,” he said during an interview on The Breakfast Club last week, referring to Nipsey’s murder outside of a clothing store he owned. “All he was trying to do was just try to change his neighborhood and just bring some great things back and try to buy his block. I feel like watching that scared me away from trying to do the same thing.”

He added: “Look what happened to Chinx. Chinx got shot in Queens. Look what happened to a lot of people that don’t have a name, a lot of fallen soldiers. So why come back and do that?”

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