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GloRilla Has Wardrobe Malfunction During DUI Arrest In Georgia

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GloRilla likes to have fun. Her biggest hits, “Wanna Be” and “Blessed,” are about dispatching the haters and living life to the fullest. Unfortunately, the “Blessed” rapper appeared to have too much fun during a recent stop in Gwinnett Country, Georgia. TMZ reported that GloRilla was arrested on Tuesday, April 16 on suspicion of driving under the influence. She was also charged with an unrelated traffic citation and possession of an open alcoholic beverage container.

GloRilla was pulled over at 4 AM ET on Tuesday morning, according to local police. She made an illegal U-turn at a red light, and was subsequently pulled over. The officer who filled out the arrest sheet stated that the rapper’s car smelled of alcohol and marijuana, but she refused to divulge how much she’d had of either. She then insisted that she was fine to drive, which led the officer to administer a field sobriety test. GloRilla failed each part of the test, per TMZ, and refused to take a breathalyzer. It was during said refusal that the arresting officer claimed that GloRilla suffered a wardrobe malfunction. Her breast slipped out of her dress, which she was unaware of until she was explicitly told.

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GloRilla Was Charged With Having Open Alcohol In A Car

GloRilla was taken into custody around 6:12 AM ET, and subsequently released on bond. This is not the first time she’s run into trouble with the law. She admitted to serving jail time over an unspecified crime during an appearance on Cornbread TV. GloRilla neglected to reveal the details of the crime. She did, however, shoot down the rumor that she served three years in prison for stealing boxes of cereal from KMart. The rumor became so popular that the rapper actually mocked fans on X (formerly Twitter) for believing it.

“You ho*s really sat y’all a*s up there & believed I went to jail for 3 years for stealing cereal,” she tweeted in 2023. “Dats why you ho*s hearts be in y’all a*s today because y’all believe whatever a n***a tell you,” she wrote. “Dats da reason you N***as be taking care of kids dats not y’all’s till they 12 because you believe whatever a ho [sic] tell you!”

GloRilla has yet to publicly address her DUI charges.

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