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Governor Cancels New York City’s Proposed Congestion Pricing

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Commuters in the Big Apple are breathing a sigh of relief. New York City’s proposed congestion pricing has been shelved by the state’s governor.

As reported by Raw Story, the Metropolitan Transit Authority has put the first ever congestion pricing on pause. Back in April, it was announced that New York City would impose additional tolls on automobiles that enter Manhattan at 61st Street or below with a $15 fee while trucks would face a fee ranging from $24 and $36 depending on size. As expected the plan was met with sharp criticism from residents, environmentalists and business owners who were not exempt.

The initiative was set to go into effect on Sunday, June 30, but Governor Kathy Hochul abruptly pulled the plug. The New York Times called the decision was a “stunning 11th-hour shift.” The politician released a statement detailing her decision. “After careful consideration I have come to the difficult decision that implementing the planned congestion pricing system risks too many unintended consequences,” she said “I have directed the MTA to indefinitely pause the program.”

Hochul would go and point out that the fees could possibly do more harm than good. “Let’s be real: A $15 charge may not seem like a lot to someone who has the means, but it can break the budget of a hard-working middle-class household.”

According to transit officials, close to 700,000 vehicles enter Manhattan everyday.

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