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Gunna – One of Wun (Album Review)

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Gunna looks to solidify his spot at the top with the release of “One of Wun.”

a gift and a curse

Honorable Mention. hakuna matata

I knew Timon and Pumba were black men.

Honestly, the only thing I don’t love about “hakuna matata” is the production. Though I really like the vibes it boasts, something about it makes me nauseous (Actually, maybe it was the Trader Joe’s potstickers I ate earlier that made me nauseous). Everything else about the song is f**king fire! Specifically, I think Gunna murdered the hook, flows fantastically (I really like how he switches gears with his flow), and, best of all, I really enjoy how unbothered he sounds lyrically. F**k you if you don’t like “hakuna matata.”

5. one of wun

“one of wun” is such an appropriate title for this track. Only Gunna can pull some s**t off like this.

You get the sliest version of Gunna in “one of wun.” Not only does he dissect the f**k out of the wavy trap beat that powers the track, but he also talks his s**t, speaking on treating his competition like pets, counting money, riding around town in droptops, and finessing chicks. I love how the song flows, and I believe the flow Gunna employs is actually unbelievable.

4. collage

How the hell do you start an album sliding your ass off?

Raise your hand if you heard a smoother intro than “collage” (B*tch, put your hand down). The track features production that will calm your nerves, while Gunna’s vocals sound so chill that I wouldn’t be surprised if they were dipped in codeine. But as I mentioned in the first paragraph, it’s the way Gunna slides on this s**t that will impress you the most. His flow sounds so damn seamless and effortless. Like, how does he do this s**t?

3. still prevail

I want to be completely transparent here: “still prevail” knocked “neck on a yacht” off this list. If you have a problem with that, call Brinks.

I really believe the best version of Gunna is featured on this track. What I love about “still prevail” is how he switches tones and slides on the beat, playing good Gunna and evil Gunna in a very sly way. I also like how he dismisses n***as in his verses, calling out those who pay for abs (This has to be a Drake diss, right?) and propping up his expensive cars and yachts. When the dust settles, this might be the wun.

2. prada dem (Ft. Offset)

If Offset can forgive Gunna, why can’t you?

“prada dem” delivers the customary braggadocious lyrics you’d expect from Gunna and Offset. The track touches on their admiration from loyal supporters, their fleet of luxury vehicles, and their high-end fashion. Additionally, they assert that 2024 will be their year, which tells me they might have some more s**t for us down the pipeline.

“prada dem” boasts a sound that perfectly matches Gunna and Offset’s styles. The track rides on a slick trap beat, providing the perfect canvas for the rappers’ fluid flows and effortless deliveries to take center stage. Overall, I think we get vintage performances from the two Atlanta natives.

1. the time

Gunna must’ve gone into the booth with his Rich Homie Quan hat on when he made “the time.”

I absolutely love “the time.” Every aspect of this track resonates with me, from the delicate piano notes woven into the production to Gunna’s soothing tone, sincere and inspiring lyrics, and smooth flow. In sum, it’s a song that’s simply impossible to dislike.

1. collage (4/5)

2. one of wun (4/5)

3. neck on a yacht (4/5)

4. whatsapp (wassam) (4/5)

5. hakuna matata (4/5)

6. prada dem (Ft. Offset) (4.5/5)

7. treesh (3.5/5)

8. on one by tonight (4/5)

9. back in the a (3.5/5)

10. trio (3.5/5)

11. still prevail (4.5/5)

12. blackjack (4/5)

13. $$$ (Ft. Normani) (3.5/5)

14. clear my rain (Ft. Leon Bridges) (3.5/5)

15. conscience (3/5)

16. the time (4.5/5)

17. let it breathe (Ft. Roddy Ricch) (4/5)

18. life’s changing (4/5)

19. today i did good (3.5/5)

20. time reveals, be careful what you wish for (4/5)

(C+) (77%)

Gunna’s resurgence in hip-hop is a testament to his musical talent and the fact that the average music fan prioritizes good music over controversies like snitching allegations. But I think the former needs to be emphasized more. After returning from jail and facing backlash from a good chunk of his peers, Gunna f**ked around and made the best album of his career in a gift and a curse. While I still believe he’s in his prime right now, One of Wun does feel like a project in which Gunna took his foot off the gas just a little.

In DS4EVER, Gunna showcased his versatility beyond the typical trap rapper archetype. This album continues to affirm that notion. While One of Wun doesn’t necessarily boast diverse production in the sense of featuring alternative rock elements (However, Gunna spitting bars over some alternative rock s**t would probably be dope as hell), it does offer beats with various tones and vibes. Gunna maintains his signature style throughout, effortlessly navigating each track with fluid flows and infectious melodies. Additionally, he exudes a heightened sense of humility and gratitude for his spiritual and lifestyle journey, occasionally addressing his critics to reaffirm his resilience. Most notably, Gunna raps with a newfound sense of purpose, adding depth to his lyrical content.

Despite the positive aspects I highlighted, my primary concern with this album is its lack of distinctiveness. Gunna tends to stick to a similar sound throughout, with little variation from track to track. This is disappointing because he has demonstrated his ability to explore different subgenres, as evidenced by tracks like “Jump” with Tyla.

It’s great to see Gunna in a positive place in his life and career. His music feels more authentic, and it appears he’s embracing a healthier lifestyle. While this album may have room for improvement, its purity makes it enjoyable nonetheless.

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