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Here’s How Lil Jon Can Help Cardi B In BIA Rap Beef

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Cardi B may want to take the advice of her legions of fans on Twitter (X) amid her brewing rap beef with BIA, considering they’re offering her some pretty choice ideas on how to respond to her op’s diss track.

BIA dropped “SUE MEEE?” aimed at Cardi B following the “Bodak Yellow” rapper’s alleged subliminal on GloRilla’s “Wanna Be(Remix)” featuring Megan Thee Stallion. Soon after, the pair was involved in a disagreement that played out on social media after BIA posted remarks from Cardi B’s husband, Offset, suggesting infidelity in their marriage. The title of the diss itself is actually a reference to Cardi B’s threats to sue BIA for spreading the rumors about her and Offset.

And as far as “SUE MEEE?” Is confirmed, BIA took her insults to another level by suggesting Cardi B doesn’t actually write her raps and, instead, uses Megan’s ex-boyfriend Pardi Fontaine as a ghostwriter.

“C-A-R-D cryin’ on I-G (Cryin’ on I-G)/Catch another tude ’cause she couldn’t catch a beat (Couldn’t catch a beat)/Do I beef with you or do I beef with Pardi? (Huh)/You been scrapping projects since 2019 (Haha),” BIA raps on the track.

Even though it appears the rappers had words with each other, it’s clear BIA isn’t nearly as pressed as Cardi, considering she jumped on social media to address each and every claim alleged on “SUE MEEE?”

Instead of spinning her wheels, Twitter (X) users think Cardi B should get into the studio with the assistance of an old Lil Jon and The Eastside Boyz song.

“If Cardi B don’t sample this on her diss back to Bia it’s an L! It’s right by the rim! Bia! Bia!,” a user wrote in a tweet featuring a clip of Lil Jon’s 2000s hit “Bia Bia.”

Aside from the obvious hilarious implications, this could actually be a strong strategy for Cardi B, should she decide to respond.

Given that it appears BIA interpolated melodies and composition form Rodney O and Joe Cooley’s “Everlasting Bass” (as Metro Boomin and Future did on their Kendrick Lamar-assisted “Like That”), Cardi could certainly gain an edge by doing the same with Lil Jon’s anthem.

Check out Bia’s dis record below.

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