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Hip-Hop Themed Cookie Shop ‘Cookie Plug’ Faces Cultural Appropriation Accusations

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Multi-state dessert shop franchise Cookie Plug is upsetting some over its hip-hop theme and marketing.

In response to the chain’s opening of their Indianapolis location in late-May, some residents spoke to local station WISHTV, calling out Cookie Plug for its use of offensive terms and cultural appropriation.

Cookie flavors from the business include ‘Purple Haze,’ ‘Good Luv,’ and ‘O.G.,’ along with a ‘Purple Drank’ lemonade, accompanied by a description that calls it “a smooth blend of zesty lemons, with a hit of that royal purple vibe, giving you a taste that’s straight outta the hood.”

While the shop’s co-owner Doreen Walters has called the comments “hurtful,” Indianapolis resident Feeray Phillips called out the Cookie Plug location for its cultural insensitivity.

“When the franchise is not aware of what the terminology they’re dealing with and, to be honest, tropes as gimmicks to sell people lemonade and children lemonade, that’s a problem,” Phillips told WISHTV.

Phillips also stated that he wants Cookie Plug to get rid of their drug references.

“Why is the entire theme of the organization (franchise) based on drug references terminology? You are painting the picture that drugs and hip hop are synonymous, which is not the truth,” he said.

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