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Hitmaka Teases Posthumous DMX Collaborations: “We’ll Hear Them Soon”

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Hitmaka has had quite the career. He rose to fame under the rap name Yung Berg, before making a shift to producing in the 2010s. His rebranding has resulted in high-profile collaborations with the likes of Big Sean, Chris Brown, and Lil Wayne among countless others. One artist Hitmaka placed high on his collab list, however, was DMX. He idolized the New York icon, and was fortunate enough to produce sessions for X shortly before his death in 2021. Will we ever get to hear them? Well, according to Hitmaka, we’ll get them sooner rather than later.

Hitmaka shed light on the DMX situation during a recent interview with AllHipHop. He revealed that he’s in possession of multiple X songs, and is simply waiting for the right time to release them. “[It’s] out of respect for the family,” he explained. “I’m just waiting for the right opportunity. I don’t want any money from ‘em but whatever the proceeds [are] should go to [them].” Hitmaka assured fans that he’s been communicating with DMX’s estate to make sure these songs see the light of day. “So whenever they handled that then I’m sure his estate—we’ll hear them soon,” he added.

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Hitmaka Worked With DMX Right Before His Death

Hitmaka and DMX go way back. The former actually signed with DMX when he was only 14 years old, and received a placement on the soundtrack to the DMX film Exit Wounds (2001). The two eventually parted ways, but reconnected shortly before X’s death. It’s during this brief window that they churned out new music together. “We actually have a couple records that we did in a full circle moment after I became Hitmaka,” he noted. “In the position I’m in, I was able to tap back in with X in Atlanta. He hit me randomly like, ‘Shorty! Shorty! I need a studio.” Hitmaka considered the night to be a full circle moment for both him and X.

Hitmaka has reached a point in his career where he wants to make business strides and not just hits. He proved that he could deliver the goods as a producer, but he told Flaunt that he wanted to move beyond that and challenge himself. “I aspire to be super out of here,” he announced. “I really want to run one of these companies and be at the head of it, to open up doors for people like me. I’m just getting started forreal.” Fans will be in for a treat with whatever Hitmaka does next, especially if it involves the rapper who gave him his big break.

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