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Ice Cube Speaks On Celebrities Endorsing Donald Trump For President

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Ice Cube has shared his opinions about celebrities supporting Donald Trump and his pursuit of presidential reelection in the midst of many ongoing legal proceedings. The legendary West Coast hip-hop artist and businessman said as much in a recent interview with Fox Business. Cube not only called the choice “private,” but it also questioned the legitimacy of celebrity endorsements in general. Cube said, “I think it’s a personal decision. I don’t know if they care if any rappers or entertainers get up there and say anything. It’s really a personal decision.”

Ice Cube further asserted that the public, despite the influence of political leaders and their supporters, retains the power to make independent decisions during elections. He stated, “People know who Trump is,” he said in part. “People know who Biden is. They’re going to make their decision no matter who gets up there and pushes whatever agenda they want.” This emphasis on the public’s autonomy in decision-making is a powerful reminder of their role in shaping the political landscape.

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Ice Cube Talks Presidential Elections

“I think that people have realized that neither party really speaks for minorities, maybe for the Black audience, and it comes down to who they think will really help them on the issues that they care about,” said Big Three League President Jeff Kwatinetz, who also voiced his opinion alongside Ice Cube. As Trump seeks a second term in power, a number of rappers have recently been connected to him.

In addition to earlier support for Trump from musicians like Wocka Flocka and Kodak Black, Lil Pump confirmed his support for the president back in January by getting a tattoo. Additionally, Ice Cube discussed the most recent changes to his professional sports league, having secured a $10 million contract with the sale of its first franchise. He said of THe Big 3, “It’s a league that we kind of started from scratch in 2017. We’ve been, for eight years, growing this league, and it’s not been easy. We had to go through COVID.” Overall, ice Cube is a man about his business.

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