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Jon B Announces Forthcoming Album Featuring Rick Ross, Tank, And More

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In a much-anticipated return to the R&B scene, Jon B is gearing up for the release of his first album in over a decade. In the meantime, he released a single to hold fans over, titled Waiting On You. The excitement surrounding Jon B’s comeback reached new heights with the release of the single, as it features Tank. Furthermore, the soulful track dropped on January 16 and serves as a teaser for the full album scheduled to hit the airwaves on February 23. This marks a significant milestone for him, whose last solo album, Comfortable Swagg, was released in 2012, followed by the B-Sides Collection in 2013.

Moreover, the Grammy-nominated singer has enlisted the talents of heavyweight collaborators, including Rick Ross, Tank, Donell Jones, and Alex Isley, promising fans a musical experience that transcends time. In a statement, Jon B shared insights into the inspiration behind “Waiting On You.” The song encapsulates the universal theme of patiently awaiting love in one’s life, navigating through the seasons of anticipation. According to him, the essence of the track lies in the perseverance required to hold on. Even when it feels like time is standing still. Moreover, the lyrics resonate with a sentiment of enduring patience for the right partner, making the journey worthwhile.

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Watch “Waiting On You” By Jon B Ft. Tank

According to Jon B, “‘Waiting On You'” describes the feeling of anticipating love in your life; the seasons of waiting. No matter the timing,” he says. “Even when it seems like it’s taking forever, you have to be patient for your partner in life. Not giving up makes it all worth the wait.” Moreover, the album will include additional collaborations with Donell Jones and Alex Isley, adding layers of diversity to Jon B’s signature sound. As fans eagerly await the full-length release, the anticipation is heightened by the promise of an album that seamlessly weaves together the talents of these exceptional artists.

As Jon B prepares to release music again, it’s clear that this project is not just a comeback but a reaffirmation of his enduring presence in the world of R&B. The collaborative effort between Jon B and Tank on “Waiting On You” showcases just what the’s capable of. Furthermore, he delivered heartfelt verses and Tank contributing his soulful vocals to the chorus. The chemistry between the two artists is evident, creating a melodic blend that captivates listeners and sets the stage for the upcoming album. Get ready to be serenaded by the timeless sounds of Jon B and his stellar lineup of collaborators. Are you excited for more music from the R&B legend? Let us know on HNHH!

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