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Joseline Hernandez Made Hella Bank During Her Time On ‘Love & Hip-Hop’

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Former Love & Hip-Hop star, Joseline Hernandez, made big bucks during her time on the famous VH1 reality TV series. 

During an exclusive interview with Carlos King on Sept. 5, 2023, the star, affectionately known as the “Puerto Rican Princess” revealed that she made a salary of $1,500 per episode within the first year of joining Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta for Season 1.

“Within the first week, I went from making like $1,500 per episode to making $11,000 per episode — in a week,” the former dancer shared. “I didn’t ask for them to bump me up, they bumped me up.”

Hernandez’s salary continued to soar well after the second season.

“By the end of the second season, I went up to like $20,000 (an episode) … they just kept bumping me up,” she continued. “They was just throwing money at me, they was like, ‘We don’t want her not to come to work,’ so I didn’t have to have no lawyer come and renegotiate the contract or anything, they would just bump me up. They did that for years.”

Joseline made her debut on Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta in 2012 as one of the original cast members, showcasing her fiery personality and memorable comebacks. Hailing from Ponce, Puerto Rico, she remained a fixture on the show for six seasons before transitioning to Season 3 of Love & Hip Hop: Miami.

She left the franchise in 2017. Throughout her time on the show, her tumultuous love triangle with her ex-boyfriend, Stevie J, and his longtime girlfriend, Mimi Faust, captivated viewers’ attention.

During her candid sit-down with Carlos, Joseline disclosed that towards the end of her tenure on the show, she was earning $50,000 per episode. Additionally, she received a pick-up bonus—an incentive designed to motivate individuals to pick up extra work or shifts—valued at approximately $250,000 to $300,000.

Thanks to her immense popularity, she now commands between $1.5 million to $2 million per TV or film project. When questioned about being the top-earning reality TV star on VH1, Joseline confidently claimed the title, declaring herself the “number one reality TV star paid right now.”

Leveraging her success, Joseline secured a remarkable agreement, gaining full ownership of her acclaimed Zeus Network series, Joseline’s Cabaret, where she also receives a pick-up bonus. Additionally, she arranged for the rights to be passed down to her daughter, Bonnie Bella Jordan, in the event of her passing. Bonnie Bella is Joseline’s daughter, who she shares with Stevie J.

“I own my ass, baby. Don’t nobody own this,” the VH1 alum told Carlos. 

Social media users reacted to Joseline’s insane pay-out story on Facebook after Lux Reality TV posted a clip from her interview with King. 

“I definitely tuned in specifically for her crazy self. They knew what they were doing. The ratings were high because of her,” wrote one user. 

Another fan commented, “Let’s be real. It was the Puerto Rican Princess that gave that show really a name. Her confessionals, her scenes, and her and Stevie’s relationship.”

Several users weren’t too pleased to hear that Joseline was being paid millions to “act a fool” on TV.

“Ignorance sells, hence why Sexyy Red has a career and a lot of other non-talented [people],” wrote one user. “They will never push and promote [people] and artists with positive messages and good intentions cause they have the power to influence [people] and the next generations to wake up from the mind games they play to keep control.”

What do you think about Joseline’s big salary on Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta and Love & Hip-Hop: Miami?


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