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What is Tim Hardaway Jr’s net worth? 

Net Worth: $30 Million
Age: 32
Born: March 16, 1992
Gender: Male
Height: 1.98 m
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Professional NBA Player
Last Updated: Jul 10, 2024


Tim Hardaway Jr. is an American professional NBA player for the Detroit Pistons.

Initially drafted by the New York Knicks in 2013, Hardaway has since become one of the most valuable players in the industry.

While he has been playing for a while, he has no plans to retire anytime soon, and we expect to see him on the court for many more seasons to come.

As of July 2024, Tim Hardaway Jr’s net worth is estimated to be $30 Million.


Tim Hardaway Jr Facts

  • In 2009, ESPN ranked Tim Hardaway Jr as a three-star recruit.
  • He started his college career at the University of Michigan in 2010.
  • Hardaway was selected 24th overall by the New York Knicks in the 2013 NBA draft.
  • In 2014, he was named a Rising Stars Challenge participant for the NBA All-Star Weekend.
  • The same year, he was assigned to the NBA All-Rookie First Team.


Early Life 

Timothy Duane Hardaway Jr. was born March 16, 1992, in Alameda, California, to Yolanda and Tim Hardaway. His father was a professional basketball player for the Golden State Warriors at the time of his birth.

Tim graduated from Miami Palmetto High School and played football as a freshman before focusing on basketball.

In high school, he was ranked as a three-star recruit by ESPN, who also named him the 93rd-best player and the 28th-best shooting guard in 2010.

He committed to the University of Michigan in 2010, and the same year, he was named the co-freshman of the week alongside Jared Sullinger.

Hardaway played with the Michigan Wolverines until 2013 and, during that time, was named to the National Basketball Coaches Division I All-District 7 first team. He was also one of only 60 players to be invited to the NBA draft combine.



Tim Hardaway Jr. was selected by the New York Knicks as their 24th overall pick in the 2013 NBA draft, joining his father as a first-round selection.

He made his regular-season debut with the Knicks in October, earning five points against Milwaukee. During his rookie season, he was named a Rising Stars participant at the 2014 NBA All-Star Game weekend.

Hardaway played with the Knicks until 2015, when he was traded to the Atlanta Hawks. The Hawks later assigned him to the Canton Charge, a D-League affiliate of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The same year, using the flexible assignment rule, he was moved to the San Antonio Spurs. However, in 2016, he officially played his first game for the Hawks, earning three points in his first 12 minutes off the bench.

In 2017, he returned to the New York Knicks, receiving a four-year contract offer for $71 million that the Atlanta Hawks couldn’t match to keep him.

Hardaway played for the Knicks until 2021, when he was traded to the Dallas Mavericks, who he remains with today.

As a member of the Mavericks, Hardaway averaged 15 points in 19 games during his first season with them and finished the year with a career-high 204 three-pointers made.

In 2020, he opted to stay with the Mavericks and re-signed with them again in 2021. However, in 2022, he was ruled out indefinitely after undergoing surgery on his left foot.


Career Earnings & Salary

Year Team Salary
2013/14 New York Knicks $1,196,760
2014/15 New York Knicks $1,250,640
2015/16 Atlanta Hawks $1,304,520
2016/17 Atlanta Hawks $2,281,605
2017/18 New York Knicks $17,325,000
2018/19 Dallas Mavericks $19,200,127
2019/20 Dallas Mavericks $20,025,127
2020/21 Dallas Mavericks $18,975,000
2021/22 Dallas Mavericks $21,308,816
2022/23 Dallas Mavericks $19,602,273
2023/24 Dallas Mavericks $17,897,728
Total Career Earnings: $140,367,596

In 2013, Tim Hardaway Jr signed a four-year rookie contract worth $6 million with the New York Knicks, which was fully guaranteed. Hardaway earned $1.2 million in his first NBA season, followed by $1.25 million for a second season with the Knicks.

In 2015, he was traded to the Atlanta Hawks, where he would finish the contract earning an additional $3.6 million.

In 2017, Hardaway signed a four-year, $71 million contract with the Knicks, increasing his average annual salary from $1.5 million to $17.7 million.

Under the deal, he would only play one and a half seasons with New York, earning $30.7 million before being traded to the Dallas Mavericks, where he remains today.

Hardaway finished his contract at Dallas, taking home $59.3 million of the available $71 million before signing a new deal with the Mavericks.

Hardaway’s current contract is a four-year deal at Dallas worth $75 million, which is set to expire after the 2024/25 season. He has already earned $58.8 million on the deal, with the remaining $16.2 million estimated for the upcoming season.

Thus far in his NBA career, Tim Hardaway Jr has earned $138.4 million, with $6.2 million in guarantees remaining.


Tim Hardaway Jr. Net Worth

As of July 2024, Tim Hardaway Jr’s net worth is estimated to be $30 Million.


Personal Life

Despite his exceptional career and being the son of a fairly prestigious former NBA player, little is known about Tim Hardaway Jr’s personal life.

However, he is active on his official Instagram account, where he posts promotional pictures and photos from his games. He can also be found on his official Twitter account, which he uses to interact with fans and talk about his career.

You can also check out Hardaway Jr’s official NBA page, which lists all relevant breaking news about him, as well as his latest stats.

If any information about his personal life is made public, we will be sure to keep you updated. So, make sure to check back often!


Awards & Achievements

Like Christian Wood and Saddiq Bey, Tim Hardaway Jr has achieved much during his career that has earned him recognition.

We’ve chosen to highlight some of the most prestigious accolades and honors that have been given to him since the start of his career.

Here are some of Tim Hardaway Jr’s most significant career awards and achievements:

  • In 2011, he participated as a member of Team USA at the FIBA Under-19 World Championship.
  • The same year, he earned a spot on the Big Ten All-Freshman Team.
  • Hardaway Jr was elected to the Third-team All-Big Ten in 2012.
  • In 2013, he was appointed to the First-team All-Big Ten.
  • As a member of the New York Knicks, he was elected to the NBA All-Rookie First Team in 2014.

He may not be as decorated as Chris Bosh or Kyrie Irving, but Hardaway Jr has certainly earned many impressive awards and honors.

As he continues his career, it is likely that we will see him earn even more impressive distinctions for his talents.


How Does Tim Hardaway Jr Spend His Money?

Tim Hardaway Jr bought a home in one of the most expensive cities in the US, Miami Beach, in 2022 for $9.15 million.

This new mansion features an ultra-modern design, six bedrooms, six bathrooms, and 9,371 sqft of living space.

The downstairs is entirely open and comes with a huge chef’s kitchen and living area that overlooks the vibrant pool deck.

Upstairs, there are four large bedrooms, including a master bedroom that takes up one full side of the house. There is also a giant walk-in closet where you can store the most expensive sneakers ever made alongside the most expensive Gucci items ever sold, with ample space left over for other designer luxuries.

Outside, there are two pools, multiple covered porches, and an outdoor kitchen that is built into the sitting area.



Tim Hardaway Jr has done much during his time in the NBA, and many moments from his career stand out from the rest.

We’ve chosen to highlight Hardaway’s most impressive milestones, particularly the ones that have helped him become successful.

Here are some of the best highlights of Tim Hardaway Jr’s career: 

  • Tim Hardaway Jr started his college basketball career in 2010 at the University of Michigan, where he earned four Big Ten Freshman of the Week awards.
  • He was selected 24th overall by the New York Knicks during the 2013 NBA draft.
  • In 2015, he was traded to the Atlanta Hawks but returned to the Knicks in 2017 for a four-year, $71 million contract.
  • Hardaway, along with Trey Burke, was traded to the Dallas Mavericks in 2019 in exchange for DeAndre Jordan and Wesley Matthews.
  •  In 2020, he finished fifth, one spot behind teammate Jalen Brunson, in voting for the NBA Sixthman of the Year Award.

While these are only a few of his most important milestones, they are the ones that have stood out during his career.

It is very likely we will see him achieve much more as his career progresses, which will further allow him to stand out on the court.


Favorite Tim Hardaway Jr Quotes

Tim Hardaway Jr has learned a lot during his career as a professional basketball player, and he constantly pushes himself to become better.

Truly dedicated to the sport, Hardaway is willing to do whatever he needs to in order to become one of the best NBA players in the world.

Here are our favorite quotes from Tim Hardaway Jr:

  • “There is no win-win or lose-lose in a situation. Everything is a medium.” – Tim Hardaway Jr
  • “I’m one of those guys who stays behind after practice to try and get better.” – Tim Hardaway Jr
  • “Brothers argue in the heat of the moment, and then they make up.” – Tim Hardaway Jr
  • “I just want to find a way to stay consistent as a ballplayer, and I know my team wants me to do that.” – Tim Hardaway Jr
  • “It really helps you grow as an individual and a ball player to realize that nothing comes easy in this league, and you have to work for everything.” – Tim Hardaway Jr


3 Amazing Lessons From Tim Hardaway Jr

There is a lot that we can learn from Tim Hardaway Jr and his impressive career as a professional basketball player in the NBA.

Now that you know all about Tim Hardaway Jr’s net worth, we can take a closer look at what he can teach us about finding our own success.

Here are some of the best success lessons to learn from Tim Hardaway Jr:


1. Hard Work Is Everything

If you want to become successful, you need to learn how to work and think like a boss so that you can get ahead.

This means you have to learn to be competitive and persistent in your work so that you can produce good results.


2. Keep Practicing

Practice is something that everyone needs to do regardless of their skills, and it is one of the best ways to keep yourself sharp.

If you don’t stay on top of your skills, they can quickly stagnate, causing you to fall behind your competition.


3. Stay Consistent

To get ahead and get noticed, you have to make sure that the work you deliver is consistently your best.

The worst thing you can do is slack off when you’re trying to become successful because you could get passed over for opportunities much more easily.



Tim Hardaway Jr. has become one of the most valuable and popular players in the NBA, and he shows no signs of wanting to leave the court anytime soon.

Along with his skills, he has also earned a substantial amount of wealth during his career, and his overall net worth is increasing each season.

Check back often for updates on Hardaway Jr.’s ongoing career and growing fortune.

As of July 2024, Tim Hardaway Jr’s net worth is estimated to be $30 Million.

What do you think about Tim Hardaway Jr’s net worth? Leave a comment below.

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