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Kanye West Loses Chief Of Staff Over Homosexual Relapse Fears

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Kanye West has parted ways with longtime Yeezy Chief of Staff Milo Yiannopoulos, citing irreconcilable differences over the company’s direction over the introduction of the rapper’s pornographic venture.

Yiannopoulos, who is a prominent right-wing provocateur and a recovering addict, provided TMZ with a resignation letter tearing into the new strategy involving “Yeezy P###.”

He expressed deep concerns about the moral and religious implications and the risk to his personal health, both spiritual and physical.

“I cannot be complicit in the production or dissemination of pornographic films and literature, for moral and religious reasons, but also because such material and the kind of people invariably involved in its production represent an imminent danger to my life as a recovering addict and an unacceptable risk to my spiritual and physical health as a former homosexual,” Yiannopoulos letter reads.

The departures from Kanye West and his brand, Yeezy, were not confined to Milo alone.

Several high-ranking executives also exited within the last few weeks, though it’s yet unclear if their resignations correlate directly with the p### development or other underlying issues in the organization.

Yiannopoulos didn’t slam the door shut on future collaborations despite his resignation. He left room for reconciliation, claiming he might consider rejoining if Kanye decides to drop the planned adult content line.

“If, at some time in the future, the company publicly and permanently abandons any plan to produce, distribute, or profit from obscene content, it would be an honor to serve you again,” Yiannopoulos added.

Meanwhile, rumors swirl about who might make up the new team Kanye is assembling, although much remains in flux.

Earlier reports revealed Kanye West engaged in discussions with Stormy Daniels’ ex-manager Mike Moz to jumpstart the p### business.

According to Moz, the planned content aims to revolutionize the p### industry unlike anything previously seen.

This pathway aligns with Kanye’s driven personality, as his brand often involves pushing boundaries.

Yet, these perpetual shake-ups and revolving door personnel changes have consistently marked the Kanye-led business landscape.

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