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Kanye West Named As Antisemitic Influence In Columbia University Discrimination Lawsuit

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Debates about inclusivity, specifically fighting antisemitism have been hitting some of America’s highest-rated educational institutions. One of which is Columbia University, which is facing a new lawsuit alleging it failed to effectively fight antisemitism on campus. Students Against Antisemitism, StandWithUs Center For Legal Justice, and numerous Jewish and Israeli students are teaming up to bring the lawsuit against the university. The lawsuit collects a series of personal anecdotes meant to demonstrate that the school has perpetually failed to fight the rising tide of antisemitism on campus.

Among those anecdotes are references to Kanye West. The rapper famously spent the past two years making public appearances where he spread antisemitic conspiracy theories and even openly embraced racist ideologies. The lawsuit cites a specific moment where students on campus were discussing some of the theories he was spreading. They even allegedly shared an image of racist symbology originally shared by West. Check out some more details from the new lawsuit below.

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Kanye West Named In Antisemitism Lawsuit

Following his string of antisemitic comments, West was widely condemned. The move hurt many of his business ventures as numerous large companies like Adidas cut ties with the rapper. The controversy surrounding him has continued nearly nonstop ever since. While spending time in Europe he found himself in trouble numerous times alongside girlfriend Bianca Censori. And late last year he returned to Los Angeles and announced his new album VULTURES.

VULTURES eventually came out earlier this month and was slammed by critics. Many cited the unfinished sound of the record and numerous controversial lyrics throughout as reasons to avoid the project. Despite that, enough fans ended up tuning in for the album to hit number one on the Billboard 200. West is currently back in Europe for a pair of listening parties for the newly released album. What do you think of Kanye West being included in an antisemitism lawsuit filed against Columbia University? Let us know in the comment section below.

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