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Kanye West Sued For Sexual Harassment: What We Know

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Lauren Pisciotta, Kanye West’s former chief of staff, is suing him for sexual harassment, wrongful termination, and breach of contract, according to a TMZ report. In her suit, Pisciotta outlines several alleged sexual texts, videos, and situations in which the “Off The Grid” rapper made her feel unsafe. Kanye West’s team have vehemently denied the accusations listed in the sexual harassment suit, and have announced plans to file a countersuit. Ye claims that not only was the alleged sexual nature of his relationship with Lauren Pisciotta fully consensual, but that she often made advances toward him which he patently refused. Both sides of the aisle are hurling accusations at each other, and the full truth has yet to come to light. So, let’s dive into the details of Kanye West’s personal and business relationship with Pisciotta, and unpack the allegations laid out in the sexual harassment lawsuit.

Pisciotta Joined Ye’s Team In 2021

When Kanye first hired Lauren Pisciotta as his Executive Assistant/Personal Assistant in July 2021, she was allegedly making over $1 million per year as an OnlyFans model. According to her testimony, West offered to match this salary in order to coerce her away from the OnlyFans platform, explaining that he felt her work was not “God-like.” After working together for less than a year, Ye promoted her to Yeezy’s chief of staff, and increased her annual salary to a shocking $4 million. The pair parted ways in October 2022, with Kanye allegedly offering to pay Lauren Pisciotta a severance package of $3 million.

According to Pisciotta, she was never paid her six-figure severance deal, prompting her to file a suit against Kanye West for breach of contract, in addition to her sexual harassment case. The suit claims that Kanye would frequently masturbate during phone calls with the former chief of staff, made numerous lewd advances, and sent bizarre sexually charged texts on multiple occasions. One particularly vulgar text submitted to the court reads “Is my d*** racist? It is. This f***ing racist d*** of mine. I going to beat this f***ing racist d*** for being f***ing racist. I’m going to stare at pictures of white woman with black asses and beat the s*** out of my racist d*** … Beating the s*** out of his big black c***.”

Kanye’s Team Fires Back

In response to the sexual harassment allegations, Kanye West and his team have voraciously denied any wrongdoing, and have alleged that Lauren Pisciotta sought to coerce the superstar into a sexual relationship. Ye claims that after rejecting Pisciotta’s advances in 2022, she became violent, erratic, and attempted to blackmail him. Kanye West’s lawyers have referred to the sexual harassment suit as “baseless,” and even claim, “Ms. Pisciotta stole [Ye’s] cell phone in an attempt to destroy phone records that would contradict her claims, all of which have been preserved.”

Kanye’s legal team claims they terminated Lauren Pisciotta because she was unqualified for the position and demanded increasingly higher wages, while Pisciotta provided no reason for her termination. According to Kanye’s lawyers, Pisciotta demanded that the “Runaway” rapper buy her a Lamborghini and multiple Birkin bags, in addition to her $4 million salary. As the case drags on, more details are sure to emerge from both sides.

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