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Katt Williams Catches Heat Following Transphobic Comments

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Katt Williams flushed away any credibility he had down the toilet following his latest interview.

The comedian/actor had the internet talking for weeks following his thought-provoking appearance on Club Shay Shay. He decided to follow that up with an appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience and proceeded to spew a whole bunch of nonsense.

In his interview with the First Take co-host, Shannon Sharpe, Williams had plenty to say, calling out fellow comedians, dissing men’s wives, spewing plenty of half-truths, and dropping some wild claims like he can run a 4.3 40-yard dash or reading eight novels in a day.

For his next act, Williams took his propensity to say outlandish sh*t on Rogan’s podcast. Rogan is no stranger to saying controversial stuff on his show, as he often dabbles in conspiracy theories.

Of course he used his “I know what I’m talking about tone of voice,” which usually leads many to believe that he is telling the absolute truth, regardless of how wild his claims are.

So, let us break down what Williams said.

Katt Williams Is An Expert On Fluoridation

For whatever reason, Katt Williams decided to talk about the fluoride levels in the drinking water that the  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Dental Association, the American Academy of Family Physicians, and the American Academy of Pediatrics all agree is a safe, effective way to reduce tooth decay.

According to Williams, it’s the government’s way of shrinking our pineal glands; keep in mind that the states decided on the fluoride levels in the drinking water.

“There are those of us who know what the pineal gland…what medicine says it’s for, and what that would mean,” Williams confidently said to Rogan.

Katt Williams Knows Who Built The Ancient Pyramids

The conversation then shifted to the ancient pyramids, with Williams blowing Joe Rogan’s mind when he suggested slaves did not build structural marvels, claiming some advanced machinery, suggesting aliens had a hand in their construction.

That’s not a wild conspiracy theory, but Williams could have easily used his smartphone to learn that enslaved people did not build the pyramids. It was paid laborers who were pretty damn good at building. 

His Transphobia Was Very Loud

Where Williams lost a lot of the people who were rocking with him after the Club Shay Shay interview is when he reached the transphobic portion of the conversation.

Williams ignorantly suggested comedians/actors wearing dresses was some form of a demonic ritual.

“Show me a person that ever wore a dress in Hollywood unsuccessfully. That’s how you understand what a ritual is,” Williams said.

He then equated transitioning with Baphomet, the occult deity associated with Satanism, claiming he knew it would be a “thing” 20 years ago, and he saw the word related to “Baphomet, the Transgender.”

The roughly 3-hour conversation full of crazy talk has amassed over 3 million views on YouTube, which is scary.

You can see more reactions to Williams’ nonsense in the gallery below.

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