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Katt Williams Slams Ex-Girlfriend, Hazel E of ‘Love & Hip Hop’

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Soon after taking aim at Kevin Hart, Katt Williams is firing off shots at ex-girlfriend Hazel E of Love & Hip Hop fame.

The Jasmine Brand reports Williams (in a seemingly comedic way) went off on the reality show star during an Instagram Live session, accusing the Houston native of being an atheist and more.

“Remember she showed up with that lil’ boy that was like 19? That n*gga was a full-fledged killer and she had that n*gga out here on motherf***in red carpets and sh*t with a bow tie on. If you don’t get 17 felonies the f*ck up out of the Littlefoot premiere, you crossed the line, don’t believe in Jesus a** b*tch. Truthfully, that’s why I left her – the b*tch is a got damn atheist.”


Williams went on, “I told her, ‘Before God, I was the king of the n*ggas.’ This b*tch said, ‘I don’t believe in God or n*ggas.’ I said, ‘b*tch, if you don’t get your satanic, demonic, I-wanna-be-a-cracker in the face *ss up out here b*tch. I will call down the ghost of Sojourner Truth to walk up yo motherf***in’ street.’ What in the Harriet Tubman is this light skinned ugly b*tch talking about? How the f*ck is you light skin and ugly?”

Hazel and Williams dated from 2014-2016. This outburst follows Williams’ response to Kevin Hart’s Breakfast Club interview where he accused Williams of choosing drugs over his career. Williams was also arrested just days ago on assault charges.

The alleged assault took place the night Williams was scheduled to perform on Nick Cannon’s MTV sketch series, Wild ‘N Out. After the altercation, the comedian left the scene in a different vehicle and was apprehended the following night and was reportedly booked on a fourth-degree assault charge.

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