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Kendrick Lamar Readying 2Pac ‘Hit ‘Em Up’-Level Drake Response

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Kendrick Lamar has a response to Drake ready to go, and it has 2Pac levels of viciousness — at least, that’s what Antwan “Ish” Marby, one of the hosts of The Joe Budden Podcast, has heard.

On the latest episode of the show, released on Thursday (April 18), Marby shared what his sources have told him about the as-yet-unreleased song — namely that it’s as vicious as 2Pac’s notorious 1996 “Hit Em Up,” a song that opens with ‘Pac saying to his then-rival Biggie: “That’s why I fucked your wife, you fat muthafucka.”

“Some people that have heard the Kendrick track, I heard that his energy is just something that’s going to be hard for Drake to match. They said he’s coming on some Pac ‘Hit Em Up’ energy,” Marby said.

See the comments beginning at the 2:10:45 mark below.

Youtube Video - Kendrick Lamar Readying 2Pac 'Hit 'Em Up'-Level Drake Response, Joe Budden Co-Host Says

While Marby is convinced that Kendrick has a Drake response ready to go, others aren’t so sure — including Drake himself.

On Thursday (April 18), thr 6 God responded to comments made by L.A. radio personality DJ Hed, who said: “The Canadian ‘responded’ after over a decade of being dared to come outside. Still has yet to officially claim said ‘response.’ He’s now taunting Ant in attempts to garner a reaction. If you enjoy microwave meals that’s on you. We prefer cooked food on this side.”

After Akademiks posted the remarks on Instagram, Drake commented: “Use me as a ‘they have nothing to drop’ button.”

The Toronto native has been taunting his longtime rival ever since his diss song “Push Ups (Drop & Give Me 50)” — a response to Kendrick’s blistering verse on Future and Metro Boomin’s “Like That” — leaked online last weekend.

Taking to his Instagram Stories on Tuesday (April 16), Drake posted a photo of Lamar’s manager, Anthony Saleh, and wrote: “[turtle emoji] wonder is today the day [turtle emoji].”

The following day, he posted another photo of Saleh holding bags of what looked to be OVO branded goods featuring the owl logo.

“We getting in our bag or nah?” he captioned the image.

Despite casting doubt on Kendrick’s ability to respond to “Push Ups,” Drake has also failed to lyrically tackle Rick Ross‘ own diss track, “Champagne Moments.”

The MMG mogul has made a number of claims that Drake has not yet addressed, including that he has undergone plastic surgery and uses ghostwriters such as Lil Yachty.

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