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Kevin Gates Sparks Debate With Cuban Link Headband

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Kevin Gates is known for his eclectic and often clowned fashion choices, so this use of a Cuban link as a headband is no surprise. Moreover, fans had plenty to say about this new style, whether it was remarking on folks who have done this before or on how ridiculous or cool some people think it looks. “Why would anyone want to wear that many chains,” one fan wrote under a Twitter post covering the look, whereas another added, “Can’t front, it’s kinda dope.” “Nah that ain’t it,” another posited with crying-laughing emojis, and other comments took a more practical stance. “Gonna be easier to get that s**t snatched that’s forsure,” a user theorized.

Furthermore, we’re sure that the Baton Rouge rapper will be quick to speak on this reception if it bothers or entices him at all. He’s never been shy about explaining or defending his controversial or notable choices, such as his practice of semen retention. “You gon’ release every now and then,” Kevin Gates remarked on the Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast with Gillie and Wallo. “You gon’ have a wet dream here and there. I don’t beat [myself] up about it, because anything in your body that need to come out gon’ naturally come out. Even when I’m with a woman, once she get off, I’m done.”

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Elsewhere, The Ceremony MC will likely continue to forge his own path in the game, whether for his music or his takes. That album dropped with barely any features, and it’s clear that he won’t let his headline antics get in the way of his art. After all, Kevin Gates has always achieved this balance as a comical and often scandalous celebrity with a dedicated fanbase and unwavering artistry. All we can ask for is that he takes some more fashion advice every once in a while.

But maybe that self-consciousness would get in the way of his fashion “innovations,” and we’re not sure what the 38-year-old would rather give up. Is this Cuban link headband a look or are you never using him as a styling reference? Whatever the case, drop your thoughts down in the comments section below. Also, stay posted on HNHH for the latest news and more updates on Kevin Gates.

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