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Kid Cudi Updates Fans After Breaking His Foot At Coachella: Watch

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Kid Cudi had a great time at Coachella this Sunday (April 21)… for a little bit, at least. Unfortunately, his set was cut short after he fell while performing and broke something in his heel, which a lot of fans were obviously very concerned with. Moreover, some expressed disappointment in the Cleveland creative for not sticking around or for falling in the first place, but the general sentiment is that these things can happen to anyone. Thus, folks sent him their best wishes, and his die-hards waited patiently for an update. The 40-year-old then took to social media with an update for fans with the caption “Hello there.”

“Hey, guys… Yeah, s**t got real yesterday,” Kid Cudi began his message below, indicating that he’s in good spirits and still recovering. “This is what happens when a 40-year-old man tries to prance around off stage like he’s 26. Like he used to do back in the day. I learned a valuable lesson: No more prancing around, jumping off stages.” We’re sure that he will reflect a lot on this time of his life in his upcoming memoir.

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Then, Kid Cudi expressed hope that he will fully recover by the time his INSANO tour kicks off in late June of this year. “I don’t want to let you guys down,” he shared “That’s what we’re aiming for. Not canceling anything just yet. Just gonna wait and see how things go, but I’m okay. A little sore. Yesterday, a lot of pain, but I’m doing better now. I have a little temporary cast on now, and I gotta go get a real cast in a little bit. Apparently, I broke something in my heel.

“This is a major setback, but don’t worry. I’ma bounce back,” Mr. Rager continued. “I love y’all. All day. Engage the rage. But not at 40.” At least he has his engagement to look forward to as well! For more news and the latest updates on Kid Cudi, stay posted on HNHH.

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