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Kyle Marisa Roth Spoke Cryptically About Jennifer Lopez Before Dying: Video

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No matter how much Jennifer Lopez tries to stay out of drama, the fashionista seems to constantly be taking the blame for other people’s struggles. Most recently, the death of a TikToker, Kyle Marisa Roth, is being pinned on the New York native, and the story is interesting albeit sad. As Distractify reports, the content creator lost her life on April 15th after a battle with colon cancer. The official cause of death hasn’t yet come out, though social media is abuzz with allegations pointing fingers at Lopez.

On her TikTok page, Roth shared celebrity gossip content, sometimes posting about “Jenny from the Block.” According to past videos, JLo’s negative reaction to this had a direct impact on her income, particularly after Roth’s account was banned after she used footage from the multi-talent’s film about growing up in the Bronx, The Greatest Love Story Never Told. The late entertainer said that Lopez’s “narcissism single-handedly crushed her small business,” leaving her unable to download or save content that had amassed her billions of views. “JLo has cost me more than four figures of income just for March 2024,” Roth alleged after making a new account.

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Kyle Marisa Roth Succumbs to Colon Cancer Battle, TikTok Condemning Jennifer Lopez Resurfaces

Losing out on money is hard for anyone, but with Roth’s health condition, it was incredibly detrimental. “If I die of colon cancer, it’s on her,” the blonde creative said online just a week before she passed away. Since Kyle’s death, her mom has shared a statement urging people to be more kind to others. “My message as her mother is TikTok, the toxicity, the mean-spiritedness of what Kyle has faced, what so many people have faced and try to deal with because of that toxic space. I just want people to live their lives with the brightness of Kyle and her beautiful soul and spirit.”

When Jennifer Lopez reconnected with her ex, Ben Affleck, the Hustlers actress likely didn’t expect another former lover, Sean “Diddy” Combs to also resurface in her life. While not in a romantic capacity, JLo’s past with the Bad Boy mogul is in the news once again as the FBI is reportedly considering looking into the infamous 1999 Shyne nightclub shooting. Read all about that at the link below, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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