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Lil Baby Hands Out $100 Bills At Popeyes While Getting Food

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Every once in a while a new story breaks of Lil Baby showing off his generosity. Often times it’s as simple as him just handing out money to strangers. That was the case once again during a recent trip to an Atlanta Popeyes. The employees preparing his food likely weren’t ready for him to start dishing out $100s. “Sooooo (lil baby) just came and blesssss my whole store with $100 each,” the caption of a Facebook post reads. It’s attached to a picture of some of the stores employees showing off the money Baby gave them. Another picture was of Baby himself sitting in the driveway talking to some employees.

As noted, this is far from Baby’s first act of generosity. This isn’t even the first time he’s made viral news for handing out money at a Popeyes. He’s also made massive donations to education in the past. He’s part of the My Turn Scholarship and also once made a substantial donation to his own high school. Check out the reaction from the newest Popeyes employees to get a surprise gift from Lil Baby below.

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Lil Baby Gifting Fast Food Employees Money

A lot of discussion has been going on recently about where Lil Baby and his frequent collaborator Gunna stand. The pair released an entire album together Drip Harder back in 2018. The project spawned the massive hit “Drip Too Hard.” But throughout the past year it’s been unclear if the pair are still on good terms. Much of the rap world developed a newfound hostility towards Gunna last year when he took a plea deal that necessitated he testify in the YSL RICO trial.

The debate was reopened earlier this week when Baby appeared to start hiding any replies to his tweets that even mention Gunna. That led fans to dissect Gunna’s new song “Bittersweet” looking for any coded messages. What do you think of Lil Baby handing out money to Popeyes employees again? What’s your favorite of Baby’s many viral moments of generosity? Let us know in the comment section below.

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