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Lil Durk Serenades India Royale With Some R&B Amid Tensions

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Lil Durk and India Royale, according to some fans, were exhibiting some tension online thanks to some alleged social media shade that they threw each other’s way on Monday (April 22). If this is true, and they had something to patch up, then it seems like they found a common link to try to get in better spirits: their love of R&B. Moreover, a clip emerged of Smurk serenading his boo in the car with some singing, and there were wildly different reactions to it you can find in the comments sections of the post below. While some fans thought this was very cute and wholesome, others aren’t buying their romance or brought up past issues between them to argue that they should just call it quits.

Furthermore, this speaks to celebrity couples not having it the easiest on the Internet, as typical relationship bumps in the road become massive potholes when exposed to an audience ready to comment on every move. Regardless, it had been a while since the couple popped up in the headlines, so at least they were seemingly staying away from all the drama. Hopefully they did this not to heal a scar, but to ward off any suggestions that their social media shade was directed at each other. After all, Lil Durk happily, proudly, and gratefully showed off his Valentine’s Day gift to India Royale earlier this year.

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Lil Durk Sings To India Royale: Watch

Elsewhere, both are quite busy with their respective careers and endeavors from what social media and other developments indicate. For example, the Chicago rapper announced the launch of Smurkchella in his home city, a concert promoting anti-gun violence causes, donating proceeds to charitable organizations in the community, and bringing on other artists to spread the word. While all the details aren’t confirmed yet, as it seems in its very early stages, he suggested that it would be at the Bears’ stadium. Lil Durk has come a long way since his early drill days, and to see that he reached a position to possibly execute this type of initiative is very heartening.

More Clips Of Smurk & India

Meanwhile, do you think the couple is actually fighting? Are the XXL critic’s attempts to sing to India futile or is music really as cornily healing as the industry would have you believe? Whatever the case, drop your thoughts down in the comments section below. Also, stick around on HNHH for the latest news and more updates on Lil Durk and India Royale.

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