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Lil Woody Continues Trolling Prosecutors With His Testimony

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After a relatively quiet few weeks as far as new developments in the Young Thug trial goes, it’s been a blitz of new revelations since last week. That started with the reveal that Lil Woody would be forced to testify or face jail time. Fans paying close attention to the trial were pretty surprised to find that last week he plead the fifth, refusing to testify and instead accepting jail time. But according to the THUGGERDAILY twitter account who has been closely following the case, that decision didn’t stick.

When the trial got started back up earlier today, Lil Woody had changed his course. He apparently informed that prosecution that he had decided to testify after all. But when he took the stand today it didn’t seem like they got the testimony out of him that they were hoping. Fans online described his behavior as trolling. He seemed to purposefully delay things as much as possible taking extended time to answer every question posed of him. He also interpreted instructions incredibly literally often requiring back and forth between him and the judges and lawyers in the courtroom. Check out a clip of some of his behavior below.

Lil Woody Trolls Young Thug Trial

Woody’s testimony was far from the only news in the Young Thug trial today. Thug’s lawyer Brian Steele made the dramatic gesture of accusing both the judge and prosecution of coercing witnesses in the trial. He even claimed he would go to jail to fight for his client’s innocence. Steele backed up his claims just a few hours ago. He was taken into custody for contempt of court, though the seriousness of the charges is yet to be determined.

What do you think of LIl Woody refusing to take his testimony seriously despite potentially facing jail time? Do you think his antics help or hurt Young Thug’s chances at beating the charges against him in the long run? let us know in the comment section below.

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