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Marshawn Lynch Takes Deal In DUI Case

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Marshawn Lynch has accepted a plea deal in his Las Vegas DUI case just hours before his trial was set to begin. Lynch’s misdemeanor DUI will be reduced to misdemeanor reckless driving. However, he must complete community service, DUI school, pays a fine, and completes a year of probation. “Mr. Lynch has not been convicted of any offense at this time. He has agreed to complete certain requirements which will result in this case being closed as a reckless driving traffic offense,” Lynch’s lawyers said in a statement.

Lynch was arrested in August 2022 after being found asleep at the wheel of his Shelby GT500. Officers said that Lynch was “uncooperative” and he was arrested on suspicion of DUI amongst other charges. Previously, Lynch’s lawyers had argued that the DUI be charged should be dismissed as his vehicle was parked and stationary at the time of his arrest.

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Marshawn Lynch Accused Of Breaking Fan’s Phone

However, it’s not the only trouble Lynch has found himself in as of late. In January, a Seahawks fan accused Lynch of breaking his phone outside a Seattle bar. Jose Lozano claimed that Lynch damaged his phone after taking issue with Lozano trying to take a photo with him. According to Lozano, who made his claims to TMZ, he approached Lynch for a photo outside Xtadium after being denied a photo inside. This point, Lynch reportedly yelled “Y’all motherf-ckers are weird.” He then knocked Lozano’s phone out of his hand, ending the video of the interaction Lozano had been taking. Lozano then claims that Lynch grabbed his phone and damaged the screen before leaving.

It’s unclear why Lozano had been filming Lynch outside the bar when he claims that he only wanted a picture. It’s possible that Lozano was attempting to antagonize the former Seahawks star by approaching him after being directly told that Lynch didn’t want to take pictures. However, Lozano also TMZ that he doesn’t intend to press charges as he’s a fan of Lynch. Despite this, Lozano did express a wish that Lynch hadn’t “been so rude”. Lynch previously knocked the phone out of the hands of a man at LAX in 2017 after the man tried to take pictures of him.

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