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Mase Tells A Story About Being Scammed By A Former Business Manager

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Mase has been involved in his fair share of behind the scenes rap drama. Most of it came from his affiliation with Bad Boys Records. During a recent episode of It Is What It Is he opened up about being scammed by a manager who worked for him earlier in his career. He doesn’t name who specifically the manager in question is but does reveal that it came after he signed to Diddy’s Bad Boys Records.

“I remember when I first got a deal with Bad Boy Records, I think it was my first business manager, he ran off not just with my money, he ran off with everybody’s money. So, we ain’t have no money to pay taxes,” his story begins. “This n*gga ran off with everybody’s money. We couldn’t find him … I don’t want to say nobody’s name, but it was a few rappers. More than a handful.” He elaborates that he recruited Cam’Ron and some other rappers to confront the manager for running off with their money. Check out the podcast episode where they tell the story below.

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Mase Tells His Story Of Getting Scammed By A Manager

Though Mase and Cam’Ron have shifted away from music with their newest podcast venture, they both claim they’re still capable of delivering heat. During a recent episode the pair revealed that they still have unreleased music together in the vault. It’s unclear if they have any plans to release it anytime soon, as neither seem to be focusing much on music recently.

The pair recently sparked a beef with fellow podcast host Shannon Sharpe. Mase in particular hit back hard after Sharpe mentioned him by name amid fans online comparing the two shows. What do you think of Ma$e’s story about being scammed by a business manager earlier in his career? Do you think he should have named names while telling the story? Let us know in the comment section below.

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