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Momma Dee Accuses Bambi & Her Mother Of Going To Jail For Fraud Multiple Times

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It goes without saying that the relationship between Momma Dee and her son’s ex Bambi has been anything but smooth throughout the years. The personality has made it clear on various occasions that she isn’t a fan of the Compton native, and continues to throw shade online, despite the divorce being settled for good. Most recently, she took to Instagram Live to rant about Bambi, accusing her of lying about her age and even obtaining her birth certificate to back up her claims.

Momma Dee didn’t stop there, however. Elsewhere in the livestream, she alleged that Bambi and her mother were guilty of credit card fraud. She even claimed that they were sent to jail for it multiple times. “Her and her momma have been in and out of jail for credit card fraud, fake IDs,” she said. “When I heard her say on her Instagram that somebody stole her card and that they went to somebody and bought clothes, I said ‘Oh, she’s trying to fill a store up.'”

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Momma Dee Continues To Diss Bambi

She continued, accusing Bambi of recruiting someone to use her card to buy merchandise for her store and then claiming it was stolen. “You don’t have to believe me, pull [the records],” she added. Eventually, Lil Scrappy joined her on live, claiming that he doesn’t “condone” his mother and Bambi going “back and forth.”

“The only time I speak is when I see shawty lying on me,” he also said. While some fans continue to side with Lil Scrappy and his mother, others argue that they should call it quits for the sake of their kids. What do you think of Momma Dee’s latest accusations against Bambi and her mother? Do you think she should just lay the beef to rest? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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