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Mustard Announces 4th Studio Album ‘Faith of A Mustard Seed’

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DJ Mustard is one of the hottest producers in the game again, thanks to Kendrick Lamar’s number 1 hit ‘Not Like Us‘.

The song is everywhere right now and many attributed part of the success to the soundtrack that he provided to the banger, which was released as a diss towards Drake.

Taking advantage of the current buzz, he has now announced a new album called Faith of A Mustard Seed which is taken from a verse in Matthew 17:20. It basically means that even a seemingly small act of kindness, saying a faith-filled prayer for someone, or whatever faith-motivated act we take, no matter how small, can have an eternal and mountain-moving impact on another’s life.

Mustard’s 4th studio effort is due out in Summer, 2024. Watch the trailer below, featuring cameos from a bunch of your favorites.

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