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My City – Hip Hop Mela being organized at Hotel Annapurna on Saturday

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KATHMANDU, Feb 23 – The U.S. Embassy in Kathmandu is organizing the “Hip Hop Mela; खुलौँ, बोलौँ” event at Hotel Annapurna on Saturday. Running from 11:30 AM to 6 PM, the program promises to be a unique celebration of Hip Hop culture, providing a platform for Nepali artists to showcase their talents and engage with the public.

The event, a part of The Arts Envoy Hip-Hop Program 2024, aims to bring together communities to appreciate and celebrate the art form. Attendees can look forward to dynamic performances, including dance, music, spoken words, and exhibition battles. Live graffiti art and a visual arts exhibition will add an extra layer of excitement, highlighting the creativity and skills of the participants.

One of the event’s highlights is the opportunity to witness some of the best Hip Hop artists and musicians from both Nepal and the US. With free entry for all, the event seeks to bridge cultural gaps and expose emerging street artists to a wider audience.

According to the US Embassy in Kathmandu, the “Hip Hop Mela; खुलौँ, बोलौँ” is a crucial component of the Arts Envoy Program 2024, taking place from February 16 to 26. Commemorating the 50th anniversary of the birth of Hip Hop, the U.S. Embassy in Kathmandu has brought four American Hip Hop practitioners—  Mazi Mutafa, the founding Executive Director of Words Beats & Life; International Hip-Hop recording artist Substantial; Dancer/Performer Shanna Lim, and the award-winning DJ and Producer DJ Fleg– to empower Nepali youths in expressing themselves freely through art.

As part of the Arts Envoy Program, American artists will collaborate with Nepali rappers, dancers, and producers, hosting workshops, discussions, and performances. The focus will be on training Nepali youth in the technical aspects of spoken word, rap, production, and dance skills, providing avenues for both economic and social empowerment.

“The U.S. The Embassy supports the artistic freedom of the American and Nepali participants and encourages them to use this program to raise awareness of social and economic issues important to Nepalis,” the Embassy said in a statement, emphasizing the commitment to fostering cross-cultural understanding and collaboration through cultural exchange programs.

Don’t miss out on this vibrant celebration of Hip Hop culture, as “Hip Hop Mela; खुलौँ, बोलौँ” promises to be a day filled with energy, creativity, and cultural exchange.


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