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NLE Choppa Says New Challenge Is Inspired By GloRilla

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NLE Choppa has responded to rumors circulating about his sexuality. Simultaneously, he’s enlisted Drake, DDG and more for a new social media challenge amid the rollout of his upcoming single, “S### Me Out 2.”

On Friday (April 12), Choppa shared a post on Instagram in promotion of the impending track while announcing the “Thrust Challenge” for social media users. In addition to nominating his rap peers DDG and Drake, along with streamer Kai Cenat and Warner Records labelmate 2Rare, Choppa introduced his new moniker “Sir F##k A Lot” and explained why the challenge wasn’t meant for the fainthearted.

“Hey man, say man this is a PSA from Sir F##k A Lot himself,” he said in part in the video. “Hey man I got an inspiring challenge for all the real n###as, the confident n###as, not the insecure n###as that want to uphold a thug image all day and be dry and don’t want to have fun like Black men used to have fun back in the 70s and the 80s. This not for you.”

As he continued, Choppa revealed the challenge was inspired by GloRilla and Megan Thee Stallion’s “Wanna Be” challenge, which is currently taking social media by storm.

“This for the real men,” he said. “I got a challenge for y’all inspired by Megan and GloRilla because women know how to have fun. Sexyy Red, all y’all having fun. So to all my real n###as that’s ready to have fun, I got a new challenge for y’all. I call it the ‘Thrust Challenge.’”

NLE Choppa then demonstrated the proper technique for the challenge, which he says is as simple as “winding them hips” in the same sort of fashion one does when they’re “hitting that little b###h booty hole from the back.”

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Prior to announching the Thrust Challenge, NLE Choppa addressed his two million followers on Twitter (X) on April 11 in a tweet in which he cleared up speculation about his sexual preference. In his brief message, Choppa attempted to break down how the self-love he projects to the world could be misconstrued as sexual fluidity, when in fact, it’s the exact opposite.

“I understand me being in love with myself as a BLACKMAN is so RARE to the point some people try putting the homosexual jacket on my name but with all due respect I love ALL, but my intimacy lies with women only,” NLE Choppa wrote in the tweet stamped with a prayer hands emoji.

Prior to issuing the challenge, Choppa released a snippet of “S### Me Out 2,” which he previewed during the Rolling Loud California last March on his Instagram page in a reel. The clip racked up more than three million views.

Outside of his suggestive mirror dance moves, it appears the lyrics from the snippet helped the reel gain traction. Similar to the viral live performance Canadian rapper Eric Reprid delivered in February for his single “Suki” in which he raps about “Bussy” (apparently known as “boy p###y), NLE Choppa’s latest snippet is home to a questionable one-liner.

“Ummmmmm, smell like badussy/I’m tryna eat that a### and p###y,” NLE Choppa raps at the top of the clip.

Check out the post above and watch full music video for “S### Me Out 2” below.

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