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Renni Rucci Reveals She’s Pregnant With Blacc Zacc’s Child

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Blacc Zacc and Renni Rucci are expecting a baby boy. Renni Rucci announced her pregnancy by writing a letter to her unborn child via Instagram on Wednesday (April 17).

“Hi, it’s your mom and I can’t wait till the day we finally meet,” she wrote. “To finally see the love that I’ve been feeling manifested into something as tangible as YOU! You are a product of a beautiful bond and you are so loved already. These past few months have been so hard trying to keep you to ourselves. Now, not only are we waiting for you everyone else is too. (I know you were tired of me sucking in lol) You have a big family ready to spoil you rotten. We can’t wait to see your little face!!!

She added, “P.S. – I told your dad my genes were stronger than his. Make mama proud…”

Earlier this year, Blacc Zacc discussed his relationship with Renni Rucci in an interview with AllHipHop. He rejected the idea of appearing with her on the reality show Love & Hip-Hop

“Hell nah,” he said. “That’s her. I just let her do that and s###. I stay in my lane.”

Blacc Zacc had nothing but nice things to say about his girlfriend while admitting they had ups and downs like most couples. He disliked dealing with the social media trolling in their relationship.

“It’s cool, just like any other relationship,” he said. “It’s always like when I wake up, I’ma choose her. But it be s### going on too. We be arguing sometimes. S###, I be getting in my moods … Got the trolls and s###. Yeah, f### them though.”

Blacc Zacc was open to touring with Renni Rucci. He envisioned the two recording an album together to cement themselves as a Hip-Hop power couple.

“Yeah, we with that too,” he said. “I think that’ll be dope. Something for the city.”

Check out AllHipHop’s conversation with Blacc Zacc below.

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