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Salt-N-Pepa Are Getting Their Own Action Figures

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Source: Super7 / Super7

Regardless of what many people may feel, action figures are still very much popular collectables amongst grown-ass adults. With that in mind, toy manufacturer Super7 is releasing a line of figures featuring one of your favorite Hip-Hop artists from yesteryear.

Salt N Pepa Action Figures

Source: Super7 / Super7

According to Variety, Super7 is set to add to their already illustrious line of Hip-Hop figures and will now honor the likes of Salt-N-Pepa for their latest Hip-Hop drop. The news comes after the brand had already seen success with the release of previous Hip-Hop figures, which featured the likes of The Notorious B.I.G, OutKast, The RZA, Ghostface Killah and DMX amongst a few others.

Now that Salt-N-Pepa are getting their own figures, don’t be surprised if these collectables pop up in the home of your your middle-aged sugar mama (just sayin’).

Variety reports:

On May 29, San Francisco-based pop culture collectible manufacturer Super7 will release a two-pack of plastic figures molded after Salt-N-Pepa’s looks from the music video for “Push It,” their breakthrough song. Released in 1987, “Push It” immediately eclipsed the A-side track “Tramp,” earning a Grammy nomination after selling almost 1.5 million copies worldwide. The eight-ball jackets the figures wear immediately conjure images of both the video and the cover for the group’s 1988 single “Shake Your Thang,” featuring the same outfits. (Unfortunately, Super7will not be recreating the jackets themselves — at least, not yet.)

As to how Super7 goes about choosing the artists they want to immortalize in miniature plastic form, it’s quite simple as far as the company’s spokesperson explained:

Describing their approach to selecting artists or characters for their product lines, a Super7 spokesperson explained, “We aim to celebrate artists who have significantly influenced the music industry, pop culture, and who have also influenced our own lives. We work in collaboration with the artist or their representatives to decide what era to celebrate, such as an album or music video. The conversation also includes what form factor and stylization would be appropriate for the artist.”

Check out the new Salt-N-Pepa figures, and let us know if you’ll be copping in the comments section below.

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