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Sexyy Red Denies Cancellation Rumors for Her Upcoming Tour Amid Low Ticket Sales Reports

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Sexyy Red, the rising star in the hip-hop scene, recently announced her “Sexyy Red 4 President” tour. Despite her excitement, several outlets on X reported that the rapper’s ticket sales were underwhelming.

The North American leg of her second headlining tour, featuring supporting acts like Hunxho, Loe Shimmy, and BlakeIANA, was unveiled last month. This tour, spanning 26 U.S. cities, is slated to kick off in Seattle on August 22 and conclude in Nashville on October 1. However, with reports indicating that less than 40 percent of the tickets have been sold, the tour’s future seems uncertain.

Reacting to these claims, Sexyy Red took to Twitter to refute the data, asserting that her fans are indeed buying tickets and the reports are unfounded. “My fans are buying tickets we’re doin just fine we not cancelling no tour dis cancelling sht all cap,” she tweeted. She further suggested that larger companies were attempting to undermine her tour, which is being managed by the Black-owned AG Entertainment.

In another tweet that garnered significant attention, Sexyy Red accused major companies of deliberately spreading false information to sabotage her tour sales. She defended AG Entertainment, stating, “I did my touring deal with a black promoter black owned company AG Entertainment and now Dey playin dirty paying pages spreading fake news to discourage my fans from buying tickets.”

These denials came in response to data published by The Art of Dialogue and Touring Data, which claimed that out of 85,217 tickets available for 20 of the 24 North American tour dates, only 37.11% had been sold, amounting to approximately 31,624 tickets. This low percentage raised concerns about the potential cancellation of the tour, given the average venue capacity of 6,800.

The reports and subsequent online discourse have led to a divided reaction among fans, with some expressing skepticism and others offering support. Factors such as economic constraints and varying levels of fan enthusiasm could be contributing to the lower-than-expected ticket sales. With the tour’s first stop in Seattle approaching, there remains time for sales to pick up.

Sexyy Red remains adamant about continuing the tour, reiterating her confidence in her fanbase and dismissing the cancellation rumors. “My fans are buying tickets we’re doin just fine we not cancelling no tour dis cancelling sht all cap🧢🧢,” she stated on X. She emphasized the challenges of working with an independent promoter and alleged attempts by larger companies to sabotage her efforts.

AG Entertainment, known for promoting significant events in the hip-hop world, has not yet responded to these allegations, further fueling speculation among fans and critics.

This controversy adds to a tumultuous period for Sexyy Red, who recently released her mixtape “In Sexyy We Trust,” featuring the popular track “U My Everything” with Drake. Despite her perceived popularity, the project debuted with around 27,000 first-week units, prompting industry veterans like Jermaine Dupri to comment on her sales performance.

“The industry still tries to make you believe that if you’re a hot artist and you got a single, that selling albums don’t matter,” Dupri remarked. “Sexyy Red’s album only doing 28,000 copies. In the era that I came in the music industry, if you sold 28,000 copies, you didn’t get no other chance to even walk in the building again.”

As the tour date approaches, all eyes are on Sexyy Red to see if she can defy the odds and prove the doubters wrong.

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