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Songstress Denies Having “Daddy Issues” Amid Criticism Of New Relationship

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Earlier this month, Keyshia Cole got fans talking when she was spotted leaving a club hand-in-hand with none other than Hunxho. Of course, this led many to believe that the two artists are now an item, though it was unconfirmed at the time. Shortly after the rumors began, however, Keyshia took to social media to address them, making it clear that they’re very much together.

“Mine @hunxho,” she wrote simply, leaving no room for interpretation. Most commenters are happy for the high-profile pair and have been nothing but nice. Unfortunately, others haven’t been so supportive. Since confirming the relationship, Keyshia has received backlash for seemingly bringing Hunxho around her kids, and for no longer being with her ex, Daniel Gibson.

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Keyshia Cole Tells Haters To Back Off

One social media user, for example, left a less-than-kind comment under Keyshia’s aforementioned declaration. “Your kids right behind him , heal and go get boobie back,” the user wrote. Keyshia wasted no time in responding, promptly firing back with some words of her own. “Girl f**k u, my kid is 14. I wish I would go backwards. Y’all crazy asf,” she replied. That was far from the only rude comment Keyshia received, however. Another critic later went on to accuse her of having “daddy issues.” Keyshia made it clear that her relationship with her father is none of their concern, and called out her fanbase for their strange approach to “protecting” her.

“The way you all try to protect me is really a blessing,” she wrote. “Y’all just do it wrong asf. Bih my adopted father raised me well. Go rewatch the reality show.” What do you think of Keyshia Cole’s response to haters dissing her newly announced relationship with Hunxho? Do you think they deserve all the backlash they’re receiving online, or are social media users just doing too much? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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