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Stop spending like rich people when you don’t invest like them

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Nigerian rap star, Erigga has dished some financial advice to Nigerians who live above their means or show off fake lifestyle on social media.

He stated that rich people invest and read, which is something many people living in poverty cannot do, hence why they are in different worlds.

The Hip Hop artiste highlighted that the reason many people remain impoverished is because as rich people are spending their money, the low-income earners also spend like them even when they do not invest the same way.

Erigga penned the advice via his Twitter account, as he dismissed the belief some people have that the reason they are broke and struggling is because of generational curses, adding that it is generational bad habit.

He wrote; “Rich people invest. You don’t invest. Rich people read. You don’t read. Rich people delay gratification. You don’t delay gratification.

But, when they spend, you want to spend too. When they flex, you want to flex too. When they party, you want to party too. And that is why you are poor. It has nothing to do with generational curses and everything to do with generational bad habits.”

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In another news…

It may be recalled that businessman and socialite, Cubana ChiefPriest advised buzzing activist, VeryDarkman to start making moves to cash out from his sudden rise to fame.

He spoke with VeryDarkman during a live Instagram session and emphasised that the society only listens to people who have money.

Before dishing the advice, Cubana ChiefPriest appreciated VDM for his positive contributions to society since he became famous and called him “amazing.”

He urged the internet sensation to embrace a life of affluence, such as acquiring luxury cars, building homes, and emphasizing that life only exists in singularity.

The embattled club owner, who is currently facing charges of naira abuse, conveyed that society tends to care for and listens to individuals who are wealthy, hence why VeryDarkman should start making money.

Chiefpriest said; “You need these Range Rovers, those mansions, my brother na once we dey come to this life oh, VDM you are big brand, you need to start going to the bank. I appreciate everything you’ve been doing in the society, it is amazing, but society cares for people who have money.

“The society listens to people who have money, the society values the words of somebody who has money, for village meeting you go raise your hand tire if you no get money. VDM, you need to start going to the bank.”

In response, VDM acknowledged the message, and accepted that he will give it consideration. But he cut short the conversation and affirmed that he would be reaching out soon to talk more about the idea.

VeryDarkman stated: “No problem, we go get our discussion, I go send you a message.”

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