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T.I. Declines NBA Team Ownership, Prefers Control Over Investments

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During an engaging episode of Shaquille O’Neal’s The Big Podcast with Shaq, Clifford Harris, known professionally as T.I., opened up about his stance on NBA team ownership and shared his top Atlanta rappers list, sparking interest and debate among fans and the hip-hop community. While discussing various topics, T.I. expressed his reluctance to invest in an NBA team, a decision contrasting with his peers like Nelly and Usher who have taken the plunge into sports team ownership.

Investment Philosophy

T.I.’s investment philosophy centers around autonomy and control. He articulated his perspective clearly, stating his desire to dictate where and how his money is utilized. This principle largely informs his decision against owning an NBA team, despite the trend among his contemporaries. T.I.’s candidness on the matter sheds light on the rapper’s broader approach to business and investment, prioritizing ventures where he can exert significant influence and direction.

In the same conversation, T.I. took the opportunity to rank his favorite MCs from Atlanta, placing OutKast at the pinnacle followed by notable artists like Goodie Mob, Young Thug, Future, and 21 Savage. His list, inclusive of his son Domani Harris, highlights the diverse and rich hip-hop culture in Atlanta. T.I. also paid homage to Atlanta rap pioneers, acknowledging their foundational contributions to the scene. This segment of the podcast not only celebrated Atlanta’s hip-hop legacy but also showcased T.I.’s deep respect for the genre’s evolution in his hometown.

Reflections on Legacy and Influence

Moreover, T.I. reflected on the legacy of trap music, a genre where he’s often cited as a key figure alongside Jeezy and Gucci Mane. He discussed the ongoing debate about the genre’s leading artists, emphasizing the community’s recognition of Future as another significant contributor. This dialogue underscores T.I.’s influence in shaping the sound and direction of hip-hop, particularly in Atlanta, and his openness to acknowledging the contributions of others to the genre’s growth.

T.I.’s conversation with Shaquille O’Neal provided a multifaceted look at the rapper’s views on investment, his role in the hip-hop community, and the evolution of Atlanta’s music scene. While his decision against NBA team ownership might diverge from some of his peers, it aligns with his broader investment strategy and desire for control. As T.I. continues to influence hip-hop both through his music and his business ventures, his insights offer valuable perspectives on autonomy, legacy, and cultural stewardship in the music industry.

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