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The Alchemist Shares Original Beat for J. Cole’s ‘Stickz N Stonez’: Might Delete Later

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J. Cole’s latest project, Might Delete Later, has been the topic of controversy and conversation for many. From Cole’s mixed feelings around the Kendrick snub, to the eventual takedown of ‘7 Minute Drill’ from streaming services — it is a project that continues to stir interesting conversations for the community.

Most recently however, it is The Alchemist’s contributions that have hip-hop heads talking about the project beyond the obvious hype.

The revered producer took to social media to reveal the original beat for the track ‘Stickz N Stones’, the official version of which is produced by himself in conjunction with producer Steve Bilodeau. He also teased the possibility of sending the original Alchemist version to DJs for alternative playing options for a live crowd.

While the released version boasts plucky strum based samples over boom bap breaks, the original beat seems to be a complete deviation in sonics, making extensive usage of a repeating keys-based motif on similarly patterned drums as the final cut.

The newly revealed original beat also seems to take a more minimal, bare-bones approach, almost devoid of the wind instrument section unlike in the final release. Of course, both instrumentals have been immaculately crafted to perfection in standard Alchemist fashion, which has left fans understandably divided between which the better choice is. The final cut can be streamed below!


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