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The Weeknd Drops “Popular” Music Video With Madonna & Playboi Carti: Watch

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The Weeknd hyped up his HBO show The Idol a lot last year, and while it was by no means perfect, it at least brought us some great music. It’s hard for him to miss in this regard at all, but fans were still shocked when he dropped “Popular” with two very interesting guests as a lead-up to the show. These are rap’s new wave leader Playboi Carti and pop legend Madonna, and fans were bewildered as to how these fusions would come out even if both fit with Abel Tesfaye separately. Regardless of fan expectations, it’s a pop banger, and just a couple of days after its premiere on Fortnite, we now have the official music video for the song on YouTube.

Of course, it’s a very lavish visual treatment that matches well with the shiny cleanliness and pristine production on “Popular.” The Weeknd, Madonna, and Playboi Carti all appear individually at a grand mansion, a high-rise apartment, and a luxury car, respectively. It’s all very clear, crisp, and although simple, it does definitely invoke the aesthetics and mood of the record itself, so it’s a big success in our book. We would’ve loved to have seen the artists interact, though, as XO and Opium have a very strong relationship. Also, it’s wild to think about how the Queen of Pop and King Vamp would match stylistically, both in terms of fashion and general artistry.

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Still, this is adding to a heck of a victory lap run for the 34-year-old right now, one that will probably turn into a full album rollout very soon. He recently broke some more Spotify records and teases his next effort in a vague way. Everyone’s looking forward to see how the Canadian superstar wraps up his current trilogy, and his stage moniker as a whole, it seems. But don’t fear: just because he won’t go by The Weeknd anymore doesn’t mean that he won’t stay in the industry as a creative making great art.

Meanwhile, what did you think of this new “Popular” music video? Considering rumors about an upcoming project, are you looking forward to the “Alone Again” artist making new strides in film as a co-writer? Whatever the case may be, drop your thoughts in the comments section down below. Also, stay up to date on HNHH for the latest news and updates on The Weeknd, Madonna, and Playboi Carti.

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