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Top 100 Or Not, These Women In Hip-Hop Deserve Flowers

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NS: I had to get to a place where I was writing the book for myself because, for a period of time, I was trying to write the book for everyone. Which then became me trying to include every single thing and every single thought and every single accolade and every single update and all the most recent stuff. And [my editor] was like, “Nadirah, people are going to win awards, do things, things are going to happen after this book goes to print, and there’s nothing you can do about it.” He said, “Someone’s going to love this. Someone’s going to say, ‘Well, why didn’t you talk about her in this? Or where’s this?’ That is going to happen. But you have to write the book that you wanna write, and you have to write it with the perspective that you have.” So that was my initial thing. But if you love pop culture, hip-hop, TV, film, and fashion, I want you to read this book because I really want you to learn from it. I also want anyone who has the desire to know more about [women’s] contributions to damn near everything in this world to feel like, this is why I wanna read this. And that’s why when you pick up the book, and you’re sitting there and reading it, you’re gonna see an April Walker, and then you’re gonna see a Lil’ Kim, and then you’re gonna see Heather B and a TV. You’re gonna see all these different things and be like, “What is this book about? Lemme open this up and read.”

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