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Track of the Week: Kalan Fr.Fr’s “High Vibrations”

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Touching the soul and lifting spirits, Kalan’s latest single, “High Vibrations,” is a modern-day
romance record that basks in poetically confessional lyrics about showing love to and receiving
love from that special one. There’s a vocal sample from Nikki Giovanni and James Baldwin
from a 1971 recorded conversation that acknowledges the contrasting dynamics in relationships.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the song Kalan says, “I saw the Nikki/James Baldwin clip on
Instagram and it spoke to me. Relationships suck.  If you love me you love me let’s leave all the
outside noise out and just figure it out together.“

The visuals directed by Terrius Mykel shows the melodic Hip-Hop artist picking up the pieces of a broken relationship, offering a more promising future to a woman and encouraging healthy love.

“High Vibrations” is featured on Kalan.FrFr’s latest 6-song EP, Not Hard 2 Understand, where
the charismatic and laidback storyteller combines a clever mix of punchlines, flexes and old-
school macking tales that keeps West Coast music alive. The latest single comes on the heels of
the Mustard produced “Ain’t Nothin,” where we found the lyrical tastemaker similarly making it
clear that life is good and luxurious extravagances are not a problem.

Not Hard 2 Understand is a special body of work that relishes in how simple the message should
be. Kalan.FrFr doesn’t apologize for the ways street culture shaped his worldview but he
celebrates it in sincere detail and delivers it with confidence and pride, showcasing his growth as
an artist and young man. Kalan.FrFr creates music with a therapeutic quality that snaps people
out of the matrix and reminds them that there is still so much living to do. He’s paving the way
for something that we haven’t seen before. This is real music with real feelings. After all, it’s in
his very name.

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