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Wack 100 Explains Why He Thinks Diddy Is Going To Prison

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Wack 100, like many other celebrities and regular folk online, has been commenting a lot on the various lawsuits against Diddy for alleged sexual assault, abuse, and sex trafficking. However, he has a very particular reason as to why he thinks that the Bad Boy mogul might face jail time that doesn’t have much to do with the current narrative against him. Moreover, the music executive gave his theory during his most recent interview with DJ Vlad, who recently uploaded a clip of it to the VladTV YouTube channel. Wack explained that one particular issue could rope Sean Combs into a scheme that goes far beyond just rap music or the entertainment world.

To sum it up, Wack 100 posits that Diddy is allegedly a drug mule that has the ability to testify whether or not they gave substances for him to distribute, use, or give away. This, in his view, would make the New York native liable for ten to 15 years in prison if these drug trafficking allegations are true, which they have not been confirmed as at press time. In addition, Wack also spoke on Cassie’s alleged cooperation with federal authorities, which he thinks won’t help his case at all. Finally, he theorized that supposed links to underage individuals could pose entirely new legal ramifications that would only further serve to taint Puff Daddy’s image.

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“Diddy,” Wack 100 began a video reacting to the footage of Diddy assaulting Cassie in a hotel hallway. “I just seen that video. You’s a b***h a** n***a. And I hope, if whatever happens to you happens to you, I hope Big Freddy and Deebo Eddie strap your a** down. And I hope nobody come help your a**. It’s going down. You did this.”

Meanwhile, Wack 100’s other conspiracy theories involve Megan Thee Stallion allegedly lying about the Tory Lanez shooting. “Meg’s a liar,” he told Hollywood Unlocked‘s Jason lee. “Oh it’s f***ed up, [the pieces of evidence] are coming out one way or another. They’re just delaying it because they’re trying to get it in court. If they can’t get it in court, it’s going to hit the net. And when it hits the net, they’re going to see that it’s an innocent man in jail.”

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