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Who Is Jenn Goicoechea? What to Know About Usher’s Girlfriend

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During the interval between the second and third quarter at Super Bowl LVIII, all eyes are on Usher. As the crowd fervently cheers him on during the halftime show, there’s just one person who can be heard shouting a bit louder than everyone else. That would be none other than Usher’s girlfriend, Jenn Goicoechea!

Usher and Jenn are what we would consider couple goals. The two look absolutely stunning together, after all, and the Grammy Award-winning singer always has something adorable to say about his partner. “I’m very happy, very fortunate to have an incredible friend, not just a partner,” Usher once told PEOPLE. “She’s my best friend and I love her.”

Excuse us while we melt to the floor—that was just about the cutest thing we ever did hear! Hey, we love celebrating love (especially the one that Ree Drummond shares with her hubby Ladd!). We’ll listen to whatever relationship secrets our favorite couples spill! So, you can’t really blame us for digging into this some more. What we’re trying to say is, read on for everything you need to know about Usher’s girlfriend, including a mini timeline of their sweet story!

Who is Usher’s girlfriend, Jenn Goicoechea?

Jenn is a gal born and raised from Miami, Florida! The sunshine state is also where Jenn ended up studying post-high school, earning a Recording Arts degree from Full Sail University. With the help of her education and her music industry-savvy mother (Barbara Goicoechea), Jenn eventually began working as an assistant to R&B star, Ciara. After this stint, Jenn ended up moving over to California, where she started her very own management company, Boogs’N’Effect Management! As of right now, Jenn is the senior vice president of A&R at Epic Records.

Impressed? Yeah, so are we! It also helps that Jenn was named one of Billboard‘s R&B and Hip-Hop Power players in the years 2020 and 2021.

How did Usher and Jenn Goicoechea meet?

So, Usher and Jenn appeared to have known each other way before their official (and public) relationship started. This is likely due to Jenn’s heavy presence in the R&B and Hip-Hop industry. The two were bound to cross paths because of this, and so they did! The earliest known run-in between the two was in 2016. Jenn posted to her Instagram a picture that shows her whispering into Usher’s ear. The caption read, “Not sure what I’m saying or who I’m speaking too 🙄😂 But my nails look good.” We’re not sure if she was joking with that caption (Usher was still very famous back in 2016), but it was hilarious nonetheless.

It wasn’t until October 2019 when the dating rumors between the two commenced! People were sure they became an item when they were seen sharing a kiss backstage at the Hollywood Bowl after a party. However, December of the same year, things were made official when Usher and Jenn headed to a birthday party together—cementing the rumors once and for all! The two have been together ever since.

Do Usher and Jenn Goicoechea have kids together?

They sure do! The couple shares two children together, including a daughter named Sovereign Bo Raymond (born September 30, 2020) and a son named Sire Castrello Raymond (born October, 12, 2021).

Usher also shares two boys, named Usher “Cinco” V and Naviyd Ely, with his ex-wife, Tameka Foster.

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