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Who Was Twomad? The Famed YouTuber Recently Found Dead

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Internet personalities are very popular these days. The likes of iShowSpeed and the beloved Kai Cenat, among many other streamers, have built up impressive fanbases for themselves. In the same fashion, Twomad, a burgeoning YouTuber, has grown in popularity over the years since he started making content on the platform. In a few more years, he just might have become one of the most prominent YouTubers around.

However, on Tuesday, February 13, 2024, Twomad unfortunately passed away. While the investigation into his death is ongoing, reports claim that there was no foul play and that he possibly overdosed. His untimely death has saddened fans and onlookers, and many are curious about what exactly caused it. However, some people following the story had not heard about Twomad until very recently. Here’s an overview of who he was and what he did while he was alive.

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Background And Ascent

Twomad was born Muudea Sedik on December 17, 2000. While he may have been interested in content creation much earlier, it wasn’t until 2016 that he began building on YouTube. He opened up his first YouTube account in April 2016, and the following year, posted one of his most popular videos ever. Inarguably, the Overwatch Nerf Lucio video was his first big win on the platform. Soon after, he opened his second YouTube account, Threemad, and dropped out of school at the age of 16. Although it was a risk to do so and become a full-time YouTuber, it paid off for Twomad.

Goodnight Girl Meme

Subsequently, in 2019, Twomad had another big break when he created the Goodnight Girl meme. The hilarious video is arguably his most iconic creation of all time and further shot up his views and followers. The viral meme significantly affected the trajectory of his career and brought him much-needed attention. To his credit, Twomad did not waste the buzz. While being the butt of the joke, he made sure to retain as many viewers as he could and convert them into fans. His efforts proved fruitful as his followership only continued to grow. 

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Twomad Diversifies His Content

Following his success in 2019, Twomad decided to lean into comedy, making and uploading funny skits. Before then, he had primarily focused on gaming content, and the genesis of his career can even be traced back to his comments on gaming streams. However, he decided to merge both worlds in hopes of expanding his reach, and that worked out for him. 

With his blend of gaming with comedy, he gained traction among viewers who appreciated his offbeat humor and irreverent style. As time went by, Twomad became known for his reaction videos, funny skits, and gaming clips. Slowly but surely, he rose to prominence through his unique style and humor. Seemingly overnight, he carved out a niche in the online gaming community, regularly collaborating with other content creators.

The Passing Of Twomad

Throughout his career, Twomad accomplished just about everything he set out to do. Before his death, he had amassed over 2 million YouTube subscribers on his channel. Additionally, he had racked up over 200 million views on the platform alone. Twomad also had over 400k Instagram followers, and a strong following on Twitch as well. While the investigation continues how he passed, fans of his work mourn the unfortunate loss of Twomad.

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