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Why Meek turned down $2M boxing offer

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In a recent interview with DJ Vlad, DJ Akademiks, the popular commentator delves into the ongoing feud between rapper Meek Mill and himself.

At the heart of the matter lies a series of events that unfolded when Akademiks’ house was swatted, leading to a conversation about Meek Mill’s involvement. Akademiks addresses the provocative behavior exhibited by Meek, highlighting the implications of his actions on social media.

Despite Meek Mill’s claims of being a gangster, Akademiks challenges this narrative, suggesting that the rapper’s behavior is more akin to a “loudmouth rapper” than a true threat.

“Now, I ain’t tryna be all speculative, but let’s keep it real. Meek’s been talkin’ a big game online, throwin’ threats left and right. But when the heat’s on, d*de ain’t steppin’ up. I mean, come on now, you’re a big shot with millions of followers, actin’ like you’re ’bout that life. But when it comes down to it, you’re just another loudmouth rapper.”

The conversation takes an unexpected turn when Akademiks proposes a boxing match as a means to settle their differences. He presents lucrative offers from celebrity boxing organizations, indicating substantial financial gains for both parties involved. Despite the potential benefits, Meek Mill appears hesitant to accept the challenge, raising questions about his confidence and willingness to engage in physical confrontation.

“So, I’m like, “Yo, Meek, let’s settle this like men. Lace up them gloves and let’s throw down.” And lemme tell ya, I ain’t talkin’ chump change here. We got offers on the table, big bucks, but Meek’s playin’ it cool. Like, c’mon, bro, a couple mil could change your whole game, but you ain’t takin’ the bait.”

Akademiks emphasizes the disparity between Meek Mill’s public persona and his perceived reluctance to participate in the proposed boxing match. He questions the rapper’s motives and highlights the financial incentives associated with such an opportunity. Furthermore, Akademiks acknowledges the risk involved but remains resolute in his commitment to the challenge.

“I’m out here, ready to knuckle up, but Meek’s dodgin’ left and right. D*de’s talkin’ tough on tracks, but when it comes to throwin’ hands, he’s ghost. And lemme tell ya, if we ever do square up, it’s gonna be a show. Either Meek shows he’s got some heart, or he takes the L and fades into obscurity”

Akademiks maintains a candid and pragmatic approach, underscoring the potential outcomes of the proposed boxing match. He offers insights into the dynamics of the rap industry, challenging conventional notions of masculinity and authenticity.

The proposed boxing match serves as a potential resolution to their conflict, offering both financial rewards and a chance to settle their differences in a controlled environment. However, Meek Mill’s reluctance to accept the challenge raises questions about his willingness to confront his adversaries head-on.

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