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Wiz Khalifa Offers Real-Time Review Of Tesla Cybertruck

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Wiz Khalifa has offered a real-time review of the new Tesla Cybertruck, noting some off-putting characteristics of the vehicle.

The “Black & Yellow” rapper noticed the car in traffic on Thursday (February 22) and offered a scathing review.

He said: “Just seen a Tesla truck in traffic. It’s a no from me. Shit trash, b! Nah, man. It look old. The shit look like it came with pre-dirt on it. I don’t know if ‘cuz needs to wash it, maybe ‘cuz needs to wash his Tesla truck because he’s not looking too good out in here in traffic. For real mayne!”

Check out his full video below.

While Wiz was bumping Max B during this video, he recently shared some thoughts on another favorite of his, Vultures 1 from his comrade Ty Dolla $ign and Kanye West. The album debuted at the top spot of the Billboard 200 chart, which prompted the “Roll Up” hitmaker to cheer on his friend, who joined the Taylor Gang Entertainment crew over a decade ago and is still at the forefront of the company’s website alongside Juicy J.

“I’m super hype for Ty,” Wiz wrote on X (formerly) Twitter. “Him and Ye’s album slaps uncontrollably.”

In other news from Khalifa, earlier this week, he and Guapdad 4000 made an appearance on the Stoned & Sexy podcast, and both rappers reflected on a smoked-out studio session that resulted in the Oakland native forgetting childhood memories.

“You got so high with me in the studio that you had forgotten your childhood memories,” the Taylor Gang Entertainment boss said to his peer, prompting the hosts to start laughing.

“Swear to God, shit just started leaving me,” Guap responded. “I’m texting my little brother like, ‘Was the hoodie red or blue?’”

Despite Guap’s momentary memory loss, Wiz pointed out that he still remained focused on the music they were making together and said: “You didn’t seem like you were super stoned — the verses came out awesome.”

Still, the Zoink Gang MC clarified his mental state and shared: “I was in the chair like this: ‘Aight, when the beat start, just rap.’”

When the duo revealed that they churned out four tracks during that session, the hosts probed them about when fans will get to hear them, to which the Pittsburg rapper said: “They in the cut.”

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