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‘WTF Did I Marry’ TikTok Series Captivating Viewers Goes Viral

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An Atlanta woman’s TikTok series shedding light on her toxic relationship with her ex-husband has gone viral after captivating social media users across all platforms.

The 50-part series shared by TikTok user, ReesaTeesa, titled “Who TF Did I Marry” is an extensive recount of her experience with a man she met online and married during the pandemic.

“I’m going to tell the story of how I met, dated, married, and divorced a real pathological liar,” she said in the introductory video, sharing that she’s “going to be truthful, even if it makes me look bad.”

The story begins with Teesa meeting the man she nicknamed “Legion” on March 4, 2020, through Facebook Dating. She was unaware they had also matched on Hinge until he told her about it. After exchanging numbers, the pair had their first telephone conversation, where “Legion” shared information about his childhood, family, and friends and what he did for a living.

Legion told her that he was a wealthy former arena football player who had a job at Apple during his off-season, sharing that he recenlty relocated to Atlanta from California to work as the VP of a condiment company.  While getting to know one another, they shared intimate details about their lives, with Legion revealing that he had recently divorced his first wife due to her infidelity. Legion and Reesa discussed what they were looking for in a relationship and continued dating; she was falling for him.

Shortly after they started dating, COVID-19 shut down the world, which intensified their romance. Legion and Reesa began living together, and while it was against her Christian values to cohabitate with a man before marriage, she didn’t want to be alone. He was also taking care of her by paying her bills. Their relationship continued to escalate, and soon, they were discussing buying a home together, with Legion reassuring Reesa that he could afford a $700,000 home.

While Legion always assured her that he had savings and money to pay the downpayment on relatively expensive homes in cash, multiple attempts to go through with the process fell through on several different homes, always for different reasons. The same suspicious circumstance also began to occur around a series of cars the couple intended to purchase.

After nine months, the couple became pregnant within months of meeting but unfortunately lost the pregnancy soon after. Despite the multiple setbacks, the two got married in January of 2022. In the following months, Teesa found out through some digging that Legion was not the VP of the condiment company or a former arena football player, he had falsified legal documents, lied about his social security number, created fake bank statements, and had even been having one-sided conversations with people who were not actually on the phone while in front of her. During that time Teesa also discovered he worked for a temp company as a forklift driver, had a criminal record, and had lied about his past marriages. Additionally, it is revealed that Legion has a twin brother who seemingly has the life he has been trying to portray.

The pair divorced by June of that year. She says she has since worked on forgiving herself for getting caught up in such a situation and for believing Legion’s many elaborate lies.

While some users had just discovered the content creator’s story, others were too invested as she wrapped up the series and posted the final video on Saturday. Teesa also held a two-hour live chat on the video-sharing platform, revealing more shocking information about the ordeal.

The saga has since completely blown up online, with many comparing it to a riveting television show. Streaming platform Tubi even commented, writing: “Starting now, no spoilers please” on part one of the 52-part playlist, receiving more than 27k likes.

The sentiment dubbing Teesa’s saga as “better than tv” was repeated countless times across her videos, with many people speculating her story will eventually be picked up for a movie or television series, similar to “Zola,” the 2021 film adapted from a 148 part Twitter thread posted by dancer Aziah Wells back in 2015.

“I just canceled my Hulu subscription,” said a comment on one video in the list, while another said, “Just canceled my Netflix subscription and handed my kids a box of Fruit Loops. They’re fine til Tuesday or so. Let’s go…”

In regards to why she felt the need to share her experience, the viral storyteller said during the live stream that she intended to help raise awareness for other women and forgive herself for falling for the elaborate scheme.

“I just know that everything was a lie. I have not found anything that proves something was true,” Teesa explained in a live chat. “I need to forgive myself; maybe I shouldn’t say forgive myself for being dumb, but definitely forgive myself, for you would rather be right and married than be obedient and patient.”

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